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Sunday, October 5, 2008

This N' That

Lots of stuff floating around...hope I can remember everything; this post might get a bit long...

Let's start off with the Whitaker. Now, I've poked fun at the "beauty" of his wonderful face, but when it gets serious like this I am deeply disturbed. How does a studio deem him suddenly"too black and ugly" to be bankable? It's not like dude was Prince Charming and got into a car accident. How long has he been acting and in how many films? And by the way, didn't he win an Oscar? My loathing for the Hollywood powers that be increases by leaps and bounds daily. For the full story click here (thanks Sergio).

Anyhoo, Tyler Perry is being discussed again, this time for something besides the side-eye of his movies. Supposedly, he is being accused by The Writers Guild of America (not good) of unfair labor. They say he fired 4 writers from "House Of Payne" and "Meet The Browns" when they tried to negotiate a Writers Guild contract for the show. I have two questions...#1) how you gonna have a TV show with TV writers and not have them in a standard Hollywood union? and #2) "House Of Payne" actually has someone writing it on purpose? Yikes!

I wrote a little earlier that Will Smith was doing a sequel to "I Am Legend" and asked how that could possibly happen since dude was blown up into a million pieces at the end. Turns out it is a "prequel" that he has definitely signed on to do. Either way, I deem it as wholly unnecessary, since about 1% of sequels or prequels actually add anything to the original.

Here is the trailer for the movie "Notorious". *sigh* I still miss Big.

Speaking of beloved rappers, yesterday I was laid up due to an overindulgence of some blue Devil's brew drink called an "Adios", which is surely the work of the cheap liquor gods. I watched a ton of movies all day, one of which was "Poetic Justice" (starring Tupac) which was much better than I remembered. Back in the day, people thrashed it cause of Janet Jackson's performance, among other things. How ironic that now it plays better than practically all of the Black Cinema that has been produced in the past two years.

I also saw "Gang Related", which was much worse than I remembered (the soundtrack was bangin' tho!). It entailed Tupac staring off into space a lot and smoking a cigarette while being yelled at by Jim Belushi (who sometimes I want to poison) from beginning to end. The odd thing was, that in the beginning they had these warnings: SO: Shoot Out, BC: Bad Cop, SD: Shakedown (?!), and TU: Tupac. WTF? The very presence of Tupac is such a harmful entity in and of itself that it merits it's own warning? If anyone should have a warning attached, it's Jim Belushi for his non/over acting coupled with his constantly sweaty, non-showered look.

Niecey Nash's TV show "Do Not Disturb" was cancelled after just 3 episodes airing. Damn! Maybe now she'll get the hint that maybe, just maybe, she should expand her repertoire beyond "sassy, neck-rolling Black woman".

James Earl Jones is being honored with a SAG lifetime achievement award (btw, I hope many of you were able to catch the classic "The Great White Hope" with him in it on TV One over the weekend). Above is a pic of him and Cicely Tyson back in the day...he looks like he is proceeding to get his mack on, and I think Madonna's designer from way back stole that dress, yes? From Black Talent News:

James Earl Jones, whose acting prowess and iconic voice are world-renown, will receive the Screen Actors Guild’s most prestigious accolade—the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment. Jones will be presented the Award, given annually to an actor who fosters the "finest ideals of the acting profession," at the "15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards®," which premieres live on TNT and TBS Sunday, Jan. 25.

I know I am late, but I haven't posted much this week. A very peaceful journey to Paul Newman, who was not only one of my favorite actors, but possibly the finest looking white man that ever touched ground on Planet Earth. I loved him for the fact that he lived life to the fullest; racing cars, acting, and trying to make the world a better place with his humanitarianism, all while staying married to his wife and partner for decades, a complete rarity in Hollywood. He was definitely an icon in every sense.

And finally, thanks for the recognition of my peeps for my blog. I received an "Honest Blogger Award" from "The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor" and "Make Fetch Happen". High praise indeed, as both of these blogs are on my must reads. If "honest blogger" = "stays talking sh*t" then guilty as charged!

I also received the "Blogging Star Award" from my soul/blogging sister Ms. Marvelous of "The Marvalus View". We started blogging at about the same time, and if you can love someone you've never met, then that's how it is with me when I visit her blog. It always gives me comfort in it's honesty and consistency---I hope she never stops blogging...thank you, sis!


MsMarvalus said...

WTF at this Forrest Whitaker shit!? Hollywood can suck...well you know... I have tried so hard to be a supporter; but WTF are you doing?

Will could spend a whole movie in a cave whistling Dixie and I'd go see it...

I'll wait for Notorious on DVD...

The movies that suck at the theatre always seem to play better at home...hmm?

Mr. Newman was/is definitely in a class by himself...God broke the mold after he made that one... are making me misty! Thanks for...well, just being you!

clnmike said...

What? Now that he has an Oscar he got ugly all of a sudden?
It's supposed to work the other way aint it?
Like his body of work like King Of Scottland and The Sheild dont mean jack.
I'll take this time to quote a favorite song "Burn, Hollywoood, Burn!".

I thought Tyler wrote the show himself, but if thats the case I understand why the writwers got fired.
Have you seen that mess?

Will needs to play behind the camera on this one, this is such an obvious money grab.
Besides the DVD had some great anime short stories about the disease and it's effect around the world, they could of easily made those into live action movies.

I didnt even know Niecey Nash had a show out.

Invisible Hand said...

In defense of the "House of Payne" writers, TV stinks from the head down.

The writers on staff only write what the Showrunner/Executive Producer approves. Aside from that, it's entirely possible that Perry takes his own pass on a script after the credited writer turns the draft in. That happens on a lot of shows.

This "House of Payne" thing is a BIG deal in the TV industry. After UPN and WB merged A LOT of black writers, who have a hard enough time finding jobs, couldn't even depend on black-themed shows for work, because... well, there were none. Now HoP, one of the few opportunities out there, turns around and spits in the face of writers who churned out 100 scripts for him.

It's a shame to say, but in all the years I've worked in this business, the shadiest stuff I've witnessed is the way black writers/producers treat other black writers/producers. Crabs in a barrel. Crabs in a barrel.

madame z said...

IW I absolutely love your site and these type posts, so let me get to commenting!

Forest Whitaker vs. the 'Studio' - a godd*mn shame. Hollywood is ever fake and superficial. I can think of a number of White actors whose 'beauty' is quite questionable, yet they receive all kinds of work.

Tyler Perry vs. The Writer's Guild - much like you, I'm amazed there 'are' writers for his show. I thought he wrote EVERYTHING. LOL.

Will Smith vs. Serialization - Word? A prequel? Pray tell WHY. Once again, in agreement with you. no es necesario. He should recreate another sci-fi saga or something; start fresh with something new! (and an all Black-cast) ;)

Notorious & Black Cinema - yet again, in agreement with you. I'd take Poetic Justice which I loved in spite of Janet's fake hoodness. LOL.

Niecy Nash vs. Niecy Nash - 'Can' she do anything other than the stereotypical neck-rolling Black woman? Is she even 'capable' of portraying something else? I wonder...and agree with you ;)

James Earl Jones & Paul Newman: - James' story has always been inspiring to me; not that I had a stuttering problem or anything and overcame it like him, but nevertheless, inspiring all the same. He voiced perhaps one of the greatest (if not 'the' greatest) villains in pop culture: Darth Vader along with innumerable other 'characters' and voiceovers and oh, yeah, dude can act too. LOL. Tell me though, I heard a rumor that he died? Is this true? As for Paul Newman, God, I love this man. I love, love, love this man! I'm intent on renting his films now that he's gone. I've such great respect for his work, much like I do for Redford and Eastwood and all the old cats from back in the day. Rest in Peace, Paul.

I.W. - Congrats on all your awards! :)

sdg1844 said...

No comment on TP. Just no comment.

I miss Paul Newman. His brand of talent, class & generosity will not be seen again for a long time.

Congrats to James Earl Jones. He's an Icon and that voice can't be beat.

Leave Forest ALONE! It's just dead wrong to be so hateful, but I am not surprised by H'Wood @ all.


The studio exec's comments about Whitaker aren't surprising to me. This kind of shit happens more than I'd like to believe. This one just happened to be made public.

Who the hell is Niecey Nash? Seriously. Guess I should Google her.

Paul Newman was that very rare breed of celebrity - not just an entertainer, but a real actor, and an activist who invested both time and money in various social causes. He got it, unlike so many others. This just got me thinking, and maybe this is a potential future post for your blog :o) - as Hollywood's stars from yesteryear (its so-called golden age) are starting to pass on to the next life, who are the next group of stars (I guess the baby-boomers) who will replace them? The likes of Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Sydney Pollack, Ossie Davis who have all died in recent years, as well as their contemporaries who are still alive like Sidney Poitier, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Robert Redford, Ruby Dee, etc... Who are today's golden stars? Are they even comparable to those that came before them?

Anonymous said...

There was a time when I would have thought that Forest Whitaker's lazy eye and seemingly slovelny frame were a detriment to his career. But not because he was out and out ugly, and never because of his color. Besides, look at the noses on Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody. They still seem to get work. No financier ever doubted Woody Allen's bankability when he starred opposite infinitely more attractive love interests either.

Urban Thought said...

I saw the first two episodes of that hotel show. Not funny at all. Hope she returns to Reno 911.

Congratulations on your awards... I know they are well deserved.

Invisible Woman said...

@ms. M: thank you too, boo....I ALWAYS appreciate your presence here!

@clnmike: burn indeed. my sentiments exactly :-(

@invisiblehand: I know what you're saying, having been in the business myself and still having some ties. i know it's hard getting work, but that show and everything associated with it....just damn, ya know? i'm glad the writers stood up for themselves, tho.

@madame z: I love, love, love your comments as well and always look forward to them :-)

Invisible Woman said...

@sdg1844: i know i make fun of forest, but it's really in jest. that story is just so ugly and hateful it sickens me.

@wue: i know, it happens all the time, you're right. but for people to out and out say this and it's known, with no repercussions is unacceptable.

Niecey Nash is from Reno 911. And yes, you're right, that would make a good post. I might do that today...

@anonymous: i betcha folks would argue that adrian and owen are "sexy", yes? but no one could say that about woody (then again, he hasn't really been bankable in years...hmmm)But being unbankable because you are black is ridiculous, and somthing else altogether.

@Urban: thanks UT :-) you actually watched that show? haha

I hope she finds something good, cause i think she's funny on Reno 911.

Tafari said...

Wow, you packed this with loads of info, yet the only thing fucking me up is looking at Forrest! And the fact that you laid up & watched Poetic Justice. You must have still been hung over boo. LOL!!!

On a serious note, racism is a bitch & it goes to show you that awards do not mean shit. He has a fucking Oscar & all thy see is an ugly nigger. This makes me angry.

Yeah, he is ugly as hell but he can act his ass off! When I see him on the screen, I leave all my personal angst on his looks behind because he transforms.

On Will Smith, they need to leave well enough alone. I could not support a prequel personally.

BTW, I saw The Family That Preys & liked it. No it was not then bomb but I got what I wanted out of it. I guess I am that kinda TP fan. Easy to please. LOL!!!


Wonder Man said...

I love Niecey, but she needs to grow

Invisible Woman said...

@bygbaby: you are so funny! How you gonna talk about me and Poetic when you are hanging in with The Family That Preys? lol

btw--weren't you gonna write a review? do you think it's too late? i would love to read it

@wonder man: agreed