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Monday, July 16, 2007


I feel bad for Don Cheadle and Kasi Lemmons...they tried to do something different and it didn't quite work out...that's OK guys, keep it movin'!

I'm gonna dedicate this Monday to Don Cheadle, starting off with a video of the real-life "Talk To Me" character, Petey Green, pontificating on watermelon eating and black pride. It is long and low-budget, so really 1 or 2 minutes and you get the gist of the 4 remaining.

(Thanks Thembi)


hottnikz said...

I'm so mad at this video! That's all I can say!!!

Invisible Woman said...

When I first saw this video, all I could say was "damn".

CapCity said...

U took me HOME on this one! I used to LOVE Petey Greene's Washington! He used to be the MAN! And y'all can be mad if u wanna - but he's tellin' the truth - don't put NUTHIN' on MY watermelon!

Invisible Woman said...

EVERYONE from D.C. loves them some Petey Greene...but you have to admit, he did keep it very, very real!