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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Okay...I'm done. This ni--a here... spotted on Bossip:

Terrence Howard brought his new girl, actress Zulay Henao, and his baby-wipes game to Cancun, Mexico recently.

Zulay is making all the right moves to “try’ to get off D-list status within a few years.

Mr. Baby Wipes was spotted leaving a club with a “stringy-haired” woman in Hollyweird in October and was linked to Miss USA, Rachel Smith, back in September.

From I.W: As I stated before, "they" can have him. He is a mess on the bottom of the of grimiest shoe. Farewell, Slickback Ivanhoe! (emphasis on "hoe")

ps: who the f--k is Zulay Haneo?


Anonymous said...

LOL... What's up with that?

I had the opportunity of seeing Awake last night, which Terrence Howard has a role. I actually like the movie but then I got to thinking... I don't care to see Terrence Howard on film. I don't want to wish bad on people but I honestly wish he would do a genre that I didn't like so I wouldn't have to see him.

Is there another black actor they can give his roles to? I'm just saying. No hate.

Anonymous said...

"He is a mess on the bottom of the of grimiest shoe"


Poor Terrence. He gon make a name for himself for the wrong reasons: baby wipes, white (latina) broads... and yikes, perms.

Thembi Ford said...

That hair is the personification of the phrase "tragic mulatto".

Lenoxave said...

IW you are on a roll this morning. Terence is truly disturbed. Talented and distrubed. Wipe On!

Anonymous said...

That hair is the personification of the phrase "tragic mulatto".

*cries in pain*

Well bend me over & wipe me down...the man said he wanted a "girl" that looks like him! Looks like he found "her"!

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

Look at Buffy The White Girl Slayer on the beach awwww! Anything but a sista will do for Slickback. I enjoyed his earlier roles but now he is just too full of himself.

DB said...

i don't really care who dude lays with, but isn't dude mixed? or did he just leave in the relaxer to long?

Old School Fridays said...

I just love some Slick Back, I just can't get enough of him.

PurpleZoe said...

That's the chic from J-lo's dance flick. She wasn't bad. I'd have to see her in more roles before making a judgment, though.

I'm saying though... He looks goofy as hell. Not alot of balance in him I'm thinking...typical in many ways though I've heard tell he's a genius of some sort.

Anonymous said...

I have been seeing this pic circulating on the blogosphere. I am not sure what to make out about good ol' T-How. I am not sure if I can classify the brotha a sell-out or what-he is simply a character.

Though I have no problems with interracial dating/marriage (hell my oldest brother is married to a white chick), I am tired of seeing brothers in Hollywood and sports changin' up their appearances when they get linked to a white girl. That ish really gets under my skin.


Invisible Woman said...

@UT: I said in an earlier post that he was becoming like Halle; whenever a black dude is needed, he is the first stop.

@blackactor; I know our community is starting to pay more attention to those things than his acting, that's for sure.

@thembi and danielle, and lajane: tragic mulatto personified; wipe on! lol

@jcd: i feel the exact same way. Dude is just in his own universe.

@db: I'm just sayin...let the Ultra Sheen go, please bro!

MGV: obviously Purple Zoe does not agree; I've never seen her have such strong words about anyone--he must truly be a mess!

@Marcus: agreed--the women too. See my post today, "Stop playin'"

T. S. Snowden said...

well I had drop his ass when I realized this ni**a was still getting his hair conked! He has always been caught up in the race game. He gave this convoluted ass explanation in some interview about loving the "person" rather than a race. I was like Bitch please, spare us.

Chocl8t said...

I prefer the term "ass wipe" as opposed to "baby wipe". No need to insult the babies...or asses for that matter.

Invisible Woman said...

@Femigog: Okaaaay?! And conked hair in 2007? Just...damn.

@chocl8t: Hilarious! lol

Anonymous said...

That means no more Terrence Watch? :)