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Friday, October 3, 2008

Just Asking....

Isn't 8 years of smirks, snide remarks, and one-liners enough in place of real politics and leadership in our country?



this is sarah palin at an anti-peta rally (not really). this woman is half a breath from being our president. do you REALLY want that?! ps: i already know the vast majority of the readers of this blog are too smart to drink that koolaid.....

Photo credit: Ryan McFarland


clnmike said...

To quote Obama, "We agree".

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: I really didn't think anyone here wouldn't!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Damn... did you just say "WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!?" And you capitalized it all too. I think this is the first time I've seen you "yelling" like that :o)

But, yeah, if McCain wins the presidential seat, America will get what it deserves... unfortunately. However, all the poll numbers right now say that Obama has a commanding lead on old Johnnie boy. Although, the only poll that matters is the one on 11/4/08. Let's hope the daily polls carry on through to the end! I read an article in which John Zogby (a well-known, highly regarded polling expert, who, from what I've heard, is usually remarkably accurate, after looking at trends, analyzing them, etc). The article said that Zogby predicts whoever wins the election will win in a landslide! He said it won't even be close when it comes down to v-day. He didn't say who would win, but just that the winner would win big. So, if you consider current polling numbers, it looks like Obama will be our winner.

Fingers and toes crossed... all 20 of them!

hottnikz said...

Can you say Gidget? If I hear one more "Gosh darn it" from her I'm going to scream. I feel like I'm watching Leave it to Beaver re-runs. Her and old Gollum has to go.

Invisible Woman said...

@wue: ummm....does it show that i'm not her biggest fan? lol

if they are actually admitting that the Black man is ahead, he must really be trouncing the shit out of McCain!

@hottnikz: HEY GIRL!!!!! lol
good to see you :-)

Yeah that ish is so f'n fake. That's just one of the many problems I have with her...