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Monday, November 24, 2008

Off Topic, But My 2 Cents....

Hey all. I'll just make a quick mention of The American Music Awards, which I honestly haven't watched in years. I've always found it too pop-ee, too Billboard 100 for my taste. I watched it last night from a kind of sociological point of view, and here are a few of my observations:

-Chris Brown still looks like he's 13 years old

-Speaking of Chris Brown, Rihanna--the metallic eye patch? I mean really. The whole "edgy" thing is starting to look more than forced.

-Neyo is doing his damnedest to channel Micheal Jackson; Mike should be asking for royalties

-Pink has my respect all day; she is very obviously in it for her love of music, and she killed it in her performance

-All of Beyonce's songs sound exactly the same to me, but Lord knows she can dance her azz off, I can't even front.

-My husband the RZA was looking extra finger lickin' delicious.

-Mariah Carey is about as exciting as an ingrown toenail, and just as painful to watch. Is she still using the wind machines to blow her hair--even on live TV? Give it up, girl!

-The B-52's should be at the courthouse at this very moment filing a lawsuit against Miley Cyrus and her crew for stealing their sh*t--it's just plain robbery. And nobody's father should be looking all blowdried and leathered out with a huge soul patch (I'm talkin' to you Billy Ray Cyrus). The "high concept" behind her performance/song was completely laughable.

-Poor Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots). He used to be on track to be the biggest rock star in the he's like the embarrassing uncle at the family gatherings--you know his azz is gonna get fucked up and cause a scene, and there is nothing you can do to stop it, but you invite him anyway cause he's really harmless, and inside you love him and feel a bit sorry for him.

-The Eagles were eligible for an award?

-Christina Aguilera's singing grates every single, solitary pore and fiber of my soul.

-There was a noticeable absence of Neo-Soul, or really any real soul, period.

-I still have absolutely no idea who Taylor Swift is.

That is all.


Lenoxave said...

LOL @ your love for RZA. I gave up on awards shows about a decade ago. I didn't even know it was on.

Keli said...

Last night was an absolute bore...

both Rhianna and Taylor Swift have the personality of cardboard...

And I love me some Bey...but if she keeps on, she will be joining Prince in needing hip-replacement surgery.

Anonymous said...

RZA is bonkable....yum yum!

Yay for Bey! Stanning as always for her :)

I love Mimi Carey too. She came to the X Factor in London and performed on the show 2 weeks ago. I know Simon Cowell was probably thinking: "that voice is creaky" but she can still belt it out here and there.

--aulelia from charcoal ink

tamara s brown said...

I didn't watch either and must agree that while in the past (80s/90s) it was more poppish, at least it was GOOD and exciting! I even looked forward to Madonna performances and Live and Pearl Jam, etc. I've been to a couple of blogs and read folks thoughts on the show; most concur...boring/not exciting.

Rihanna & Eye-Patch - her 'edge' is becoming a gimmick now; though I do think some parts of her visual-rebelliousness is legit. *shrugs* I only like a few of her songs...missed the boat with both her and Chris Brown.

Neyo - I can dig it. He's a great songwriter. I guess he's a great performer; I honestly can't be bothered to care anymore, but will agree, he is SUMMONING Michael Jackson on the regular.

Pink - yes. Love her. So glad she truly embraced what she loves. R&B is good; she did well with her first record, but I find I listen to Mizundaztood more than her premiere LP.

Beyonce - meh. Love her sometimes. I can't stand the 'Single Ladies' song; tried watching some of the performance on Youtube and had to turn it on mute as I abhor that song.

I have love Scott Weiland since "Interstate Love Highway". STP was my -ish in high school! LOL I feel bad for him, but like Rick James said (RIP), cocaine is a helluva drug. Let me amend that and say smack is too. :( Sad.

You've got that right about an absence of SOUL. The brownsistas representing are gorgeous and/or talented, but they are not soul to me. With the exception of Alicia Keys and to her I say 'sometimes'.

Taylor Swift is country music's new princess. Supposedly she's set to knock Beyonce out of the running with highest number opening week album sales from last week. Meh. :(

blaqbird said...

Ahhh man! u beat me to my recap of the I'm still too through w/Taylor Swift...she's wack! But Alicia Keys' performance was pretty good too!

Marvalus said...

Damn...the awards was on last night?! Guess I'll have to catch Bey on YouTube (because I know she put it down)...

I'm down to just the Grammys and the Oscars now...and those are barely watchable...

Tafari said...

I stopped watching the AMA's in the early 90's after high school. Honestly, I forgot all about them.

When the music that I listen to is not represented anyway, why bother.

I'm just saying.

BTW, You know Mariah looks great wind blown. Beyonce is a 2nd class wind act.


Karen said...

Ne-yo and Beyonce did a nice job dancing. And Taylor Swift makes good young country music. "Teardrops" on my guitar is one of my favorite songs. Give her a try.

Invisible Woman said...

@sdg: yes, me love the RZA. Can't explain it...

I wouldn't have known it was on either if someone else didn't have it on.

@keli: about bey--I can think of a few other surgeries she'll be needing later...she best to calm down

Riahanna's facial expression is always, always, always the same. how does she do that?

@auleleia: i have heard rumblings that she is losing her voice--which would be fine with me, actually

@madame z: i'm really no fan of bey's (as you know) but that dried out vanilla biscuit beating her out for top spot? what is going on in the world?

Invisible Woman said...

@bluebird: ooooh! i wanna see your wrap up!

@ms. m.: hopefully you have seen it by know--she was no joke. i can't even begin to know what it's like to remember that much choreography...dang.

@tafari: i'm sorry, all that wind machine shit went out with Sheena Easton...

@solshine: i love ya girl, but don't know if i can make that leap to ms. swift...thanks for the info tho :-)