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Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Movie News....

Yes, very random--a veritable Black Hollywood stew.

First up--Spike is all over the place these days...he is making a film on the L.A. Riots. From

Spike Lee may be close to filming his movie about the 1992 Los Angeles riots with producer Brian Grazer, who tells that it might hit theaters before their sequel to “Inside Man 2.”

Grazer, the founder of Imagine Entertainment with filmmaker/partner Ron Howard, said the L.A. riots film would be a “360 degree view of what that is, an autopsy of how a riot works."

Like Spike, Grazer has been trying to get the project made for a long time.

From IW: Hopefully, Spike and Grazer won't butt heads--those are 2 massive and polar opposite egos in the room. But if Spike gains control, at least it will be from a Black perspective for once.

Question...why, why why, is Universal ready to make a "Nutty Professor Part 3"?

I'm sorry, except for Hugh Jackman, this has to be the sorriest ass Sexiest Men Alive Top 10 List in homosapian history. Pathetic! (sorry Blair)

Have you heard that Cedric The Entertainer is in talks to make a movie based on the life of Marcus Garvey? About f*cking time somebody is! It will be extremely interesting to see Ced play a dramatic role with Garvey, and he does have the look for it.

And for all of you checking out the Old Boy/Will Smith/Spielberg saga of an "Old Boy" remake (including me), here is the latest.

No one really expected that team to come through, and I was wondering what the cop-out would be--here it is; the movie will be based on the graphic novels of Old Boy, and not a remake of the Korean film. That f*cking figures. I knew they would get around actually making something truly noteworthy kinda pisses me off, to tell the truth.

And finally can someone explain what these folks are trying to do here? This "Black Dynamite" movie seems to be a copycat blaxploitation movie with a straight face, but I can't tell. With such random folks as Arsenio Hall, Nicole Sullivan, and Jimmy Walker, are they serious, or is this a parody? Note to the filmmakers: "I'm Gonna Get U Sucka" was done 20 years ago--we still remember it!


blaqbird said...

that top 10 list is pretty weak w/the exception of Jackman....AND Daniel Craig...don't forget the beautiful Bond...too bad Quantum of Solace couldn't live up to the hype...

clnmike said...

Inside Man 2?

I am hesitant about that, the first one was good but when you start making grabs for the money.......

Nutty Professor Part 3?

^see what I mean?

Who is on your sexiest man list?

Marcus Garvey?!

This is long over due!

Lol Black Dynamite is a parody, an I am ashamed to say i am interested.

wanda loves... said...

Yea IW, like CL, I might be a little bit interested in that "Black Dynamite". What can i say!?

As for that 10 sexiest people, yea it was weak. You know they got to throw one black dude in the mix, so this year it was Blair. How is he anyway? Lets just be happy he isnt rocking that "greasy wave look" like he was doing some years ago, lol.

Lenoxave said...

Loves me some Marcus Garvey now! Cedric better not play up in here. I wanna know why my husband Wentworth was not on the list. How is that possible? LMAO!

Tafari said...

Blair looks a little cracked out! Sorry but...

The prospect of a Marcus Garvey movie is exciting. Hopefully it works out & we can see it on the silver screen.


The Obenson Report said...

If a Marcus Garvey movie is actually green-lit, I'll give $100 to I.W.'s favorite charity!

I just don't see it happening. Unless whoever is involved is able to raise the money independently, like Spike did for "Miracle." And Danny Glover has been trying to get the money he needs to make the Toussaint Louverture film for awhile, with little success.

I talked about "Black Dynamite" on my podcast yesterday. The timing is a little odd for a blaxploitation spoof. But they may know something we don't. For example, did you hear that it got into the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in January, so it's off to a good start. Whether it gets picked up by a distributor is another thing.

Karen said...

You're right about the sexiest man alive top list. There were only a few like Beckham, Jackman, Underwood and that's about it. I'll have to check out the actual magazine to see if there are more.

This update on Oldboy makes me feel better about the adaptation.

clnmike said...

You have been awarded the Uber Amazing Blog Award.

MsKayotic said...

Inside Man 2? Are they gonna tie up loose ends? I'm a sequel hater. I raise my hand and admit it.

Nutty Professor 3? The 2nd was crap. Instead of concentrating on fixing loose ends, he went completely overbearing on trying to make it as funny as the first. Outrageously so.

I think the riots should be done but I hope Spike gets all autonomy. He's an excellent storyteller.

Like you I want to see a movie of Marcus Garvey. I'm not completely up on his history so it would be nice to have someone tell his story.

Sergio said...

About that Marcus Garvey (MY HERO!) project, I read that too the other day in the N.Y. Times about Ced (though he's WAY fatter than Garvey ever was). I would love to see a film like that. Of course it would have to be completely independently and I've always thought that a great choice for director with be Raoul Peck who directed Lumumba and Sometimes in April for HBO. I wonder what Peck has been doing lately. I know he directed a mini-series for French TV and a year ago or it was announced in the trades that he was developing a movie about Karl Marx dealing with a love affair he had as a young man, but nothing lately.

As for that Spike Lee L.A. riots movie, sounds to me and another heavily handed, talky, beat-me-over-the-head-with-messages movie that'll play to empty movie theaters. How about Spike doing something completely different? How about a horror film, a slapstick comedy, a sci-fi film? Just a straight up movie-movie?

tamara s brown said...

I'm still wondering how in the hell Inside Man 2 got signed off on....I mean, why? Brian Grazer.........he does a lot...........but the riot-making films? We'll see.

Nutty Professor 3? No es necesario.

Ced as Garvey? Word? *sighs* I love Ced. Met him once, very nice man; very funny. Hmmm, we'll see, I suppose.

Oldboy - graphic novels - they will still f*ck it up somehow, but we'll see. :)

Obama Impersonators For Fred Armisen's Replacement On SNL said...

Nutty Prof 3? WTF? Like Nutty Prof 2 was any good. Eddie Murphy - quickly becoming Mr Irrelevant.

The Obenson Report said...

Shameless plug:

By the way, I'm blogging at Obenson Report again... same as before - covering mostly black cinema, some of the time.

So, I'm maintaining at least 3 different blogs now!

So it goes...

Anonymous said...

Hugh Jackman is SEX.

Invisible Woman said...

@bluebird: the craigster doesn't do it for me. at all. but i can't take any top 10 seriously if the dude from "prison break" isn't on it!

@clnmike: i can't think of any sequels off hand that added to the original

@wanda: lol! still, my man is ALWAYS doing something offbeat with that do of his--wavy, curly, pompadourish, you name it

@tafari: i'll tell blair you said so (i keed!)

I have been waiting so long for something on garvey--if it does get to the screen, let's hope they dont f*ck it up!

Invisible Woman said...

@sdg1844: is said the same thing about wentworth to bluebird--da nurve o' dos people! lol

@obenson: you are too funny! how bout a little optimism, my brutha?

I'm gonna put up you're announcement on my blog tomorrow...i'm so glad both are

Still don't know about that Black Dynamite thing tho--Sundance or no.

@solshine: beckham has a hot body, i must admit, but blair? meh

I don't want the comic books of old boy--i wanna see will cut up in a remake! and an exact one.

@clnmike: thank you my brotha!

@kayos: "Like you I want to see a movie of Marcus Garvey. I'm not completely up on his history so it would be nice to have someone tell his story."

That is one of the very MANY reasons it should be told, for all races to see.

Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: i completely get what you're saying, about both projects. my naivete is kicking in to have high hopes for both projects....we'll see.

@madame z: agreed on all points as usual. Madame :-)

@obama guy: i think eddie passed irrelevant 3 exits back...

@charcoalink--based on your comments as of late, i think a shagging session is in order for someone...LOL!!

I'm just playin' :-)

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ IW - I agree! And I love that you used 'shag'! Very English ;)

I agree about Marcus Garvey as well.

Invisible Woman said...

@charcoalink: you caught that, eh? lol!