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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Movie News....

Even tho the Oscars annoy the beejesus out of me, I wouldn't be a proper film blog without at least mentioning it, and the two Black actresses nominated, Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis. One, I've never been a fan of and her tired, overacting style, and the other--well let's just say I saw her on a talk show recently and found her to be wonderful; intelligent, humorous---a serious actress worthy of nomination and more high profile roles. I'll let you guess which is which.

Sergio televised his Oscar predictions below. I have none, cause if it has nothing to do with Mickey Rourke or "The Wrestler" I really don't have much to say on it. Even the clothes don't interest me this year. Here is Sergio--check him out:

Did you know John Singleton directed the Oscar promos this year? I guess he might as well be directin' somethin', cause as of late, it sho ain't movies. What's up, John? And yes, that is Taraji with him in the picture above. What she is wearing I can't even venture to guess...

Martin Lawrence will be starring in a kind of reverse "Coming To America". No title yet, but the plot is described as this:

'The film centers on a working-class man from Queens who discovers he is heir to the throne of an African country and travels there to claim his birthright'.

From IW: Martin is obviously not interested in breaking new ground, but I ain't mad, that mortgage is staying paid. And at least it's not what I blogged about a couple years ago--a big screen remake of his TV show "Martin". Someone must have finally woken up and put the brakes on that wonderful (not) idea.

Happy Birthday to Danny Glover's Robey Theatre company, turning 15 this year. Robey "Is a professional theater dedicated to developing and presenting plays that raise the social consciousness of audiences with work that explores the global Black Experience."

All my folkses in the L.A. area, please try to support Danny and his endeavors. He never gets enough props for dedicating himself to our art and community for decades, imho.

Barry Michael Cooper, writer of New Jack City among other things, who I interviewed for this blog, let me know that he has a new film, "Blood On The Wall$", which you can view in the form of 21 webisodes....perfect viewing while the boss is not looking at work! lol

Make sure you scroll down to see all of the can begin watching this gritty drama HERE.

This is old news now, but Halle Berry might finally do something interesting, while maybe proving once and for all that she actually has acting talent:

'Halle Berry has become attached to star in the Eunetta Boone-scripted film, "Who Is Doris Payne," based on real events. Berry will star as the title character, Doris Payne, an international jewel thief whose career spanned five decades.'

From IW: This is the story of a Black woman who stole fine jewels for decades, at a time when just being Black and in a store that sold them was cause for intense suspicion. The plot sounds fabulous--I hope Halle can pull it off. For a great post related to this film, click HERE for Obenson's thoughts.

Did you know that Preston Whitmore has been financing up and coming filmmakers? One of the films has made it to BET:

'BET has acquired broadcast rights to"Dough Boys," the debut film from Preston Whitmore's Give Back Raise Up Program wherein he finances and produces low budget pictures to give newcomers in front and behind the camera an opportunity to showcase their talent. BET will air the film in May. Paramount Home Video will distribute the DVD.'

From IW: Nice. And speaking of newcomers, received this in my email:

"Good afternoon! My name is Princeton Holt, and I decided to contact you humbly and see if you would at least be interested in seeing my first feature, "Cookies & Cream".

Cookies & Cream is a character piece about a racially mixed single mother, who maintains an adult entertainment job in order to take care of her daughter and herself. The film has seemed to make male audiences feel a bit helpless, which I think has a lot to do with a subtle sexism in the sense that love from a man alone is not enough to dictate this female character's destiny, which I think has been unsettling to several male viewers, although the overall reception from men has been favorable. I would be very interested in hearing a female reaction to this subject.

Again, I really appreciate what you are doing; it is necessary for the survival of true art films about our past, present and future generations. Thank you for your work, as well as your time and consideration. "

From IW: was shown at "The Sexy International Film Festival" (whatever that is), so at the very least, it must be sexy, haha. Here is the teaser:

Last but not least, I really will be reviewing Diary Of A Tired Black Man later today. I was going to do it last weekend, but it really wasn't Valentine's Day fodder. I have to admit, I've been watching and rewatching a lot of stuff on TV lately....did anyone catch the mini movie marathon on TV One yesterday? "Double Take "(blech) with Eddie Griffin, "Hollywood Shuffle", and a low budget independent film called "Traci Townsend" which involves a reporter (Jazsmin Lewis) examining her failed relationships. The movie is trite, and as as I've said before Jazsmin Lewis' acting skills seem to be limited to her innumerable hairstyles, but it is a good segue to my review later. **sigh** A lot of Black male/female relationships seem to be on permanent "fail" lately.....more on that later....

Oh sh*t! I almost posted this without putting this in (thanks sergio). There is an on-line petition against Sasha Fierce playing Angela Davis. For those commenters on my last post, and for the lurkers who also feel that even the mere thought is beyond ridiculous, you can click and sign HERE.


clnmike said...

1-I am going to guess you dont like Taraji P. Henson.

2-If they actually go to Africa and cast Africans in Martin's movie it might be interesting.

3-Halle Berry has not made a good movie since Monster's Ball and yet she still works.

4-Cookies & Cream trailer was a mega fail.

5-Beyonce's acting is not that bad now.

boris said...

-u hate teraji coz viola is pretty cool and she has been doin rounds on talk shows too

-i havent seen Milk so im not sure. ROurke could take it coz hes had every other award. i think he did well coz he could relate to his character
Danny Boyle deserves the director award for yeeeaaaars of outstanding films and making a hit 'straight to dvd' flick

-i HOPE the martin film isnt filled with black on black american--african racism........which it probably will knowing Hollywood...SMH

-Martin died when it got cancelled. its just not the same

-yeah the Halle flick sounds wicked. finally black criminals that are acceptable in our community lol

-HAHAHAHAHA i will def sign the Sasha Fierce petition. acting like we dont have negro actors, i dont blame the directors tho, most young ids arent really interested in history unless you put a famous diva in it

Anonymous said...

Wow, there's a lot to comment on here.

I think Viola Davis is magnificent! I was recently watching an episode of season 8 of The Practice and she was phenomenal in it.

As for Taraji, I can't say I was too enthralled with her works in films like, Babyboy and Husle-n- Flow, but I did enjoy her in Smokin Aces. Hey we all have to start somewhere. Hearing her personal story, as well, is very inspiring. I think that she has a lot of potential and I'm happy for her.

Halle as a career jewel thief ... well she'll bring the sexiness, but I highly doubt she'll be compelling. So maybe it will be ala 'Entrapment' and be all about the sexy and little about the depth ... but that's too bad, because it is based on a true story, that seems uber fascinating. I'd rather see Angie B in this role or even Thandie ... hell what about Kerry or Gabby?

As for cookies n cream ... no comment.

Sasha Fierce as Angela Davis is still a no-go for me. I'll sign the petition, but if Miss Sasha has producing credits, I doubt it will change anything. Nowadays she has to buy her way into stuff and guess what? It works.

That webisode series, sounds interesting, I'll haveta check it out this week.

I am not watching the Oscars, I'm officially done with that parade of ridiculousness.

When do we start our own film industry again ... and hey if Preston is really interested in funding independent black film-makers ... *waves ... over here, please*

I'm sure I can come up with something.

Harlepolis said...

1st of all, nice to see you "out & about" again ;)

And I thought "Traci Townsend" was a pretty good flick coming from Jazz, considering.

I like the fact that it wasn't your typical "Men = dogs". It gave an objective view.

Of course there're moments that we should've done without lol but it was a cute lil' movie.

Unknown said...

I also am no fan of Taraji. Viola is definitely under utilized.
Halle Berry is dead to me.
I am going to click the link and see how many times I can sign that darn petition!

Issa Rae said...

Cookies and Cream needs ... work.

LOL @ the petition. Clnmike, her acting has gotten better, but I think that when "Obsession" comes out, everyone will forget any recent strides she's made.

Martin just isn't funny. He should stick to making children's movies. Taraji P. Henson bothers me too. Though I found her tolerable and endearing in Benjamin Button, watching the Oscars reminded me how much humility she lacks.

tamara s brown said...

IW, good to have you back lady :)

From the bottom up:

Beyonce Knowles, the "Bootylicious" as Angela Davis, the "feminist, civil rights activist" - ripe for parody. I don't think the 'petition' will make a difference. The Knowles camp discounted 'online-petitions' when her fans demanded that she remake the video for "Deja Vu". They didn't listen to fans then; they won't listen to fans/non-fans now. They are far too above us. LOL.

Watching/Re-Watching old TV - I'm there with you, IW, except I've been watching "The Wire" and it is...pure...EXCELLENCE. LOL.

Cookies 'N Cream - This film by title and poster alone, gives me great pause. Not something I'd watch, but I see the director/creator has given us something of a synopsis...and I find the premise somewhat interesting...somewhat. If it's available to rent, I'll add it to the old queue.

Dough Boys/Preston Whitmore - again, not normally something I'd give a hoot about, but will add it to the queue, anyway.

Who is Doris Payne - yes, yes, and more yes. I love Halle certain features. LOL and small doses. This role sounds very interesting and might redeem her from that other villainous, jewelry thief role she had before *cough cough* yeah. I must read up on this some more; Doris Payne...getting one over on YT for decades; the 'real' cat-woman, perhaps?

Danny Glover - theater, I don't get enough of. Because of where I live, I'm so limited. If I were out in L.A. I'd definitely support. Kudos to Glover for providing this outlet for our talent.

Martin - I don't know about this one. Martin hasn't done a really good comedy since Blue Streak...or maybe Momma's House, though I didn't like that one as much. Looking at his roster via Yup, he's paying the mortgage alright. I only hope that this one is done really well, as I'd love for him to be back on top again. I've loved Martin since "Bilal" vis-a-vis House Party. No, better yet, since Talking Dirty After Dark. Ha!

Taraji/Viola/Oscars - I love Taraji. I haven't been a die-hard fan of hers or anything, but I felt I really 'saw' her in Hustle & Flow; like for the first time, could see some depth and whatnot. Viola I've loved since Out of Sight (though I know she's done work before that film), where in the scene with Jennifer Lopez she talks about her dog dying, a pit bull or rottweiler named "Tuffy". Then Isaiah's character busts up in the room talking about, "get out of here Mozelle...gone to the store or something." LOL I love that freakin' movie. But anyway, my point, that's where I first knew her and thought she was so authentic in that scene, so brief it was. And I like the way she speaks too. LOL. *random*

Anyhoo, as far as the show goes, I enjoyed it. I loved Hugh's opening. Thought the 'musical' sequence was boring as shit (shoutout to Beyonce, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, that chic from Mama Mia and Baz Luhrmann) - boring as shit...and on the whole, unnecessary, I think. Hugh prefaced or ended the performance by stating that Mama Mia was the best-selling musical since Titanic in ANGLAND or some bull; I'm like thinking that it got lackluster reviews, so why are we celebrating it? LOL. Just boring. But Queen Latifah's performance during the 'ones we lost' bit was quite lovely. All hail the Queen. John Legend's addition to the musical upset was tolerable...I think I stole away to fix something to eat during. But on the whole, I enjoyed the show.

Did you all see what Whoopi was wearing? Sheesh! Bad Bad Bad Bad HORRID Bad Bad Bad Bad! LOL

Lenoxave said...

The Oscars are dead to me and have been for the past decade.

I have zero interest in anything associated with Halle Berry.

Props to Preston Whitmore and Danny Glover.

I'm intrigued by the Barry Michael Cooper project.

Martin Lawrence is irrelevant and has been for some time.

I have no issue w/Taraji or Viola. I haven't watched either one enough to care one way or the other.

As for Bey and Angela. They shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath. This isn't hate, (and I'm getting tired of not worshipping @ her alter being called "Hate")this is about having the gravitas, talent and weight to pull Angela Davis off.

Glad to have you back!

Marvalus said...

I was SO hoping that you had something, anything about the Oscars posted...let's dig in, shall we?

I was pissed off that Taraji didn't win...I have seen her grow from "Jo-deeee!" in Baby Boy to Hustle & Flow to Ben Button and she is stepping her game up...I personally thought she was worthy of this nomination, and of a win...I haven't seen Doubt so I don't know about Viola Davis, but she looks like she can act her ass off!

Martin - I'll wait for the DVD...or HBO...

Halle - See above...

Cookies & Cream? Next...

You know how I feel about Bey...but hell yes, I will sign this petition...if I see her ass one more time, I am going to SCREAM!!

Anonymous said...

dang ob getting hate mail you get people wanting you to watch their movies... i wish people would send me their films or suggest that i watch their films i will watch them and review them. feel free to forward some to me. lol

i have loads of time. yea i have the same thoughts on taraji and viola. i think a new good martin comedy would be nice. i liked wild hogs. i think halle is a perfect case of when no longer being type casted to being casted as just a woman goes wrong.

Anonymous said...

Taj is so cool. And so is Viola.

Love Halle! I'll be watching whatever she puts out.

IW, by the way, the UK numbers for Notorious was £1.1m since 15 Feb. This is a solid debut.

I think the numbers were helped by the fact that they promoted the film in the UK with loads of advertising and a promo thing where the actors came here.

The only way black films will make money abroad is if the production companies promote the babies. Biggie's star power is NOT enough for them to make money.

I am sick and tired of seeing black films stay in the cinema for one week just because the production companies cannot be arsed to spend money to promote these ventures abroad where the majority of box office comes from.

As for Bee, I really think people need to calm down. It's not a big deal. I love A Davis but people are always slagging Bee off and it's starting to get boring. Even if bare thousands of people sign a petition, the studio want Bee, they WILL get her.


bklyn6 said...

I'm only vaguely familiar with Taraji P. Henson and I don't think I'd heard of Viola Davis until her Oscar nod. :-(

That looks like AJ Johnson in the photo with John and Taraji.

Re: "Cookies & Cream" what does being "racially mixed" have to do with the storyline? I mean, I get thing about being a single mom trying to take care of her daughter but I don't understand what role her racial make up plays in all of this?

Reel Whore said...

Halle Berry may star in a good movie again?! That'll be a treat. I really like her, but I enjoy her more when the movies aren't insufferable (like her last six films!)

I'll be doing a 'special' post about Beyonce tonight. Her ego crushed my interest in her a long while ago and the Oscars was just one more reminder that I need to vent.

That Martin flick sounds like a remake of King Ralph. I thought lame rehashes of so-so comedies from twenty years ago was Ice Cube's bag? There may be violence over this project before it starts filming!

Tha Connoisseur said...

Every time I see Bey in an afro, all I think is SHAAZAAM!! Not really hearing, fight the power - you know what I mean?

uglyblackjohn said...

I can't stand Bey, but maybe the only way the film could be green lighted was to have her attactched.
C'mon, you know that Hollywood doesn't really know what's up and cares more about what fanboys think of their (fictional) heros.

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: I agree with you on #2 for sure, but #5? Ummmmm

@boris: you are funny :-) let's hope martin doesn't take the easy way out on that flick

@noelanimahana: send preston that treatment! also, let me know how you like the webisodes....

@Harlepolis: thank you :-)yeah the movie was cute--very lightweight, but cute, and yes, for once the men were really the innocents (except pretty boy)

@blackfilmacademy:"watching the Oscars reminded me how much humility she lacks"

and I thought it was just me! *whew*

Invisible Woman said...

@regina: you're gonna have to stop hanging out here, i'm a bad influence--haha!

@madame z: i always LOVE your comments :-) see my post today on whoopi's tragedy...and i STILL miss the wire

@sdg: i agree with 99.9 percent of what you said, especially this:

"(and I'm getting tired of not worshipping @ her alter being called "Hate")"

@ms marvalus: hey girl :-) try to hold down all that screamin', kay? lol

@MLM: they will start sending you took a minute before i started getting things...

Invisible Woman said...

@charcoalink: 1.1 pounds is good? wow--there must not be too many major releases there. how much box office does a normal very big popular movie make in the UK?

and about Bey, I think it's gonna get worse before it gets better if she doesn't go away for a while...people are just weary of seeing her

@bklyn6: i had that thought about cookies and cream too...but i can't really tell what's going on in the trailer--maybe there's more to it in the movie, dunno.

@Reel Whore: hey whore! lol!!

lmao at your whole last true, how true.

hopefully halle's movie won't be as horrible as practically everything i've seen her in...i would hate to see a story like that go down the drain...

@Tha Connoisseur: you almost made me spit out my merlot!

@uglyblackjohn: yeah, i know, but i still try to keep a glimmer of hope alive :-(

Anonymous said...

@IW, Quantum made £8m in ONE day. Now that is absolutely magnificent and films never make that much in a weekend, let alone day. But it does have Craig's fine arse & it is a James Bond franchise so there is a built in fanbase.

£1.1m is pretty solid for a film that is autobiographical and music-based as well.

And it was a 15 so I am thinking black people actually supported this film for once.

We barely get any black film releases so when one is starved for the content, one goes it I suppose.

Anything over £500,000 for an opening weekend is very good for a studio released film, IW.

P/S-I saw The Unborn today. I hope Meagan & Idris' film gets good numbers tomorrow as well.

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