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Saturday, March 14, 2009

This N' That

I have just come out of a "Throwback Heaven" stupor. TV One is just all about the Black Cinema, and today I watched the Blaxploitation flix "Three The Hard Way" and "Friday Foster". I have been meaning to write about the evolution of Pam Grier for some time, as she was a singularly awful actress back in the day and has come to something a lot more substantial. But what did that matter in the 70's when you looked like Pocahontas with perfect clear skin, white teeth, a small waist and perfect big tits (all before the boon of plastic surgery)? Not a lot, I tell ya, and not too much has changed in 3 decades. I will do a proper post eventually, as she is the gatekeeper of this blog. Here is the trailer:

The same with "Three The Hard Way". I'm sure at the time this was an explosive movie of Black Power and puttin' foot to ass on "the man", but now one is just bemused. And though it was directed by one of my faves, Gordon Parks Jr., the plot and actions scenes are wholly ridiculous at best. It is the story of some Aryan/Nazi power group that has invented some type of poison that kills only Negroes. It looks like Kool-Aid, so I guess that was smart. The target cities? D.C., Detroit, and Los Angeles and their water supply. All they needed was NY and Oakland and 99% of the Black population would have been goners.

Jim Brown stomping around saying he has to find "his woman" (who the bad guys kidnapped) seems positively caveman and archaic now, as well as Jim Kelly mowing down a whole police force that have guns by just shouting "OU-EEE!" and karate chopping and kicking. I really didn't pay attention to how they were taking everyone out with simple handguns, while the bad guys outnumbered them 10 to one and had machine guns, cause I was hypnotized by Fred Williamson's ass. I could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner on that thing...haha!

Check out TV One tomorrow. Though they showed the hot (but watchable) garbage that is "Trois 2, Pandora's Box" today, tomorrow they have Maya Angelou's "Sister, Sister", starring Diahann Carroll ("Claudine)", Rosalind Cash ("Uptown Saturday Night"), and Irene Cara ("Fame") as sisters dealing with interfighting, jealousies, and baggage. Also offered tomorrow is "Funny Valentines" starring what seem to be favorites of this blog's readers, Alfre Woodard and Loretta Divine. It is directed by Julie Dash, who also directed the wonderful "Daughters of the Dust", and is described as this : "A woman returns to her home town to sort out her troubled marriage and finds new happiness in the rekindling of a broken friendship with her cousin."

Now on to a few things. Have any of you picked up on the podcasts over at Tambay's "Obenson Report"? Interesting discussions going on over there on Black Cinema--the last one featured up and coming director Pete Chatmon. Did you know that Jackie Robinson was in the 761st battalion, which is the subject of one of Chatmon's film? Jackie is an icon of inspiration for reals, for reals. Go on over to his blog and click on the links to listen.

Speaking of new-jack directors, Dennis Dortch (whose interview with me will be up in a few days) has a site up that consists of his Black & Sexy merchandise...tees, boy shorts, etc. are to be had, along with the amazing soundtrack from the film. Get you a piece my Black and sexy readers (you YT's too!, haha). Click HERE to see his stuff.

Are we ready for a new generation of Wayons? Hmmm...I dunno, as this generation is still grating the nerves a bit---i.e. "Dance Flick". Saw this on Black Film Academy:

'The prolific Wayans clan has begun to turn out a second generation of multihyphenate comic performers. UTA has just signed Damien Dante Wayans — nephew of filmmaker Keenen Ivory (”White Chicks”) — for representation in all areas, and Craig and Damon Jr. are set to co-star in Damien’s directing debut, “Dance Flick,” a Paramount comedy to be released May 22.

Damien is a co-writer (along with Craig, Keenen, Shawn and Marlon) and executive producer of the movie as well. Older-generation siblings Shawn, Marlon, Kim and Keenen all appear in the film.'

From IW: Alrighty then. At least the genes aren't bad in the looks department in that family....can't speak on the comedic one tho.

Have seen this trailer floating around the blogs---it is a documentary of the life of Mike Tyson. His life really needs to be a straight up soap opera, for real. I wonder if Jamie Foxx is still going to play him in a biopic as was rumored last year? Here is the trailer:

There seems to be an interest in things Henry Lennix these days. I never paid that much attention, one way or the other. I remember him as being very low key in the "The Five Heartbeats" and not much else. But based on the posts and comments on "Must Love Movies" ruminations "Roger Guenveur Smith vs. Harry Lennix" and "The Black Snob" who writes "I Suffer for Harry Lennix's Art" (and also turns it into an absolutely perfect commentary on the state of Black Hollywood and it's actors--to read click HERE), he definitely has a fanbase. Maybe the light skin-ded dudes are making a comeback. Hollywood, are you listening? Of course you aren't.

And a very, very heart felt thanks the beautiful Naturally Sophia (ATLians stand up!) , and the only person that I know that watches more movies than me, Reel Whore (I love his blog). They awarded me with the Kreativ Blog Award and The Dardos Award, respectively . The Dardos Award is given for "cultural, literary, and personal values in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing appreciation and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web". Of course you are supposed to give these awards to others, but....yes...I'm slacking again. What I can say is that when I get these, they positively make my day; there is nothing quite as great as being recognized by your blogging peers---Thank You So Much!!!

PS: Thanks to all of those who have started following my blog in the past few days...don't think I haven't noticed and read your blogs as well :-)


Marvalus said...

Congrats on the blog truly deserve the accolades!

I just got through watching Foxy Brown and...wait for it...Black Caesar. I think I'm in love with Fred Williamson...IN LOVE, I tell ya!

I think a movie about Mike Tyson would be interesting...and I could definitely see pulling this one off...

The Wayans? Next...

I miss ya, chick!

Tafari said...

Ive never seent Friday FOster & it looks good. Well at least entertaining when couple with a joint & a bottle of someting.

I really cannot stomach Mike Tyson but I would be interested in seeing his story. He fell so far, it's a shame.

Looks like you are out of your funk & back on your blogging game.

You really broke off the knowledge in the last 2 posts.

BTW, whoever wrote,produce, directed the "Troi" movies, need to be lined up & stoned to death by crack heads.


Unknown said...

I enjoy you via RSS-feed for the most part ... however, you brought a smile to my face with the Friday Foster review. I used to love Pam Grier ... until she played in a movie where she killed some guy with a razor blade hidden in her mouth!

I've seen enough about Tyson. His story only has interest if he rebounds ... maybe gets a degree ... maybe does something with the final 50 years of his life. Best thing about Tyson is that he eventually dumped Robin Given!

Congrats on your blog award!

peace, Villager

Big DM said...

I was probably about 12 years old when I saw "Three the Hard Way" at the Roosevelt Theatre in Chicago. You may not have noticed, but in the scenes where Jim Kelly takes on the police...he begins the fight with platform shoes, then is magically wearing SNEAKERS when doing kung-fu kicks. I've seen the move a half dozen times and am sure of this. They copied that bad edit (intentionally)in the Wayan's "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka."

tamara s brown said...

Congrats on your award lady :) Thanks for the new update. And yes, light-skinned actor-brothers are making a comeback! LOL or are at least being talked about lots lately ;)

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I have never seen Friday Foster, I would be interested in seeing it, I like Pam Grier In Coffee and Foxy Brown

By the way who was the actress in Cleopatra Jones?

Trois, yes those movies Suck!

I saw sister sister and Funny Valentine, I believe sister sister was written by Maya Angelou, I wished they would have developed Irene Cara's character a little more cuz the main premise of the movie was of the sibling rivalry between Diahann Carroll and Rosalind Cash,

I dont know why everyone hates on the Wayans Bros so much, I can never hate them because they gave us In Living Color which I believe is the Best Sketch Comedy shows EVER!! Plus I just love Marlon with his sexy self!!

I also like Harry J. Lennix....he was in Ray and The Matrix Revolutions...he is from Chicago...and real good stage actor...people sleep on him

Congrats on your awards and thanks for checking out my blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Lennix is old-man sexy hot. I saw him in an ep of House and the now classic Love & Basketball.

The bloke is really sexy and very easy for me to look at.

Sergio said...

HEY WATCH IT! No negative comments about Three the Hard Way. THE GREATEST BLAXPLOITATION FILM EVER! The black men saving the black race? C'mon would they make a film like that today? I think not. I LOVE that film and when it ever coming on DVD? Like Big DM I too saw it the first time at the Roosevelt Theater in State St, in downtown Chicago though I was a few years older than him. It was a like a black James Bond film -though made for a fraction of what it cost the catering for the average Bond film

You younger people don't understand. Films like those were the ulimate fantasy for guys like me at the time (and they still are) Watching brothers getting back at the establishment killing the white man and getting ALL the chicks BLACK AND WHITE. Now you've black men in movies with their balls cut off... Tyler Perry, Terrance Howard, Will Smith... I mean c'mon. Where's the new Jim Brown. I want to see that hard core black masculiity back on the big screen. And please don't mention any rappers. Those "faux" men aren't the real deal...(and besides most of them are probably on the down low anyway)

Anonymous said...

I love Henry Lennix. He could easily play President Obama in the inevitable biopic.

Anonymous said...

oh and congrats on your blog awards!
p.s. I can't thank you enough for your review on "Good Day to be Black and Sexy" -- I finally watched it and fell in love with the film.

Lenoxave said...

Congrats on your award! Slacker. lol. I love "Three The Hard Way". It's hilarious. I Stan for Jum Kelly so don't talk about "Black Belt Jones" now.

The Wayan's are dead to me, so I'm paying any mind to a new generation.

Vérité Parlant said...

I was glad when Pam Grier started making a comeback b/c I imagine when she first started out it was hell for black women in Hollywood like women today would not understand unless they want to be a director.

I take that back, as Meryl Streep said in a recent interview, women still haven't made the strides they think they have. So, if a white woman sees it, then it goes triple for black women.

On, Lennix. I figure he's getting even more attention because he's a major character in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse right now. My kids say he could be pegged to play Obama in a TV movie.

Great post.

Qadree said...

Sergio, How do you define manhood? It seems like your idea of masculine imagery revolves around violent behavior and the objectification of women.

...killing the white man and getting ALL the chicks BLACK AND WHITE.

I'm not a big fan of most of those films. Charles Burnett made Killer of Sheep in part to respond to the simplistic, violent, and unrealistic images in exploitation films. Just as you said, those films were designed to cater to the fantasies that many people like yourself had, thus getting you to part with your money on a regular basis.

I always saw most of the characters in exploitation flicks as caricatures, not as examples of true manhood.

I think the biggest flaw in those films is that, unlike a Bond film, they used real social problems as a foundation for fantasy.

Sergio said...

Hey, what can I say? Call me old fashioned, out of step with the times, a neanderthal. I even hate to see black men wearing earrings. That annoys to me to no end, Women wear earrings...NOT MEN!

uglyblackjohn said...

Pam is hot at any age in any setting.

The Wayans are smart for keeping (and developing) their wealth streams.

Light skinned Black brotha's were never really out of style.
It was only when they were only portrayed as soft and feminine El DeBarge wanna-bes that they lost their luster.
As long as we were men - it was all good.

RiPPa said...

Pam Grier sure as hell couldn't act like you've mentioned. But for a budding young man such as myself? Who cares about talent. The sister was fine as hell. Speaking of which, I could remember back in the day when the newspaper had the movie page with all the listings. They used to have like the full poster ads of movies. Well, I used to stare at Pam Grier and all the sisters on there and drool.

boris said...

lol i LOVE blaxploitation flicks. i remember first seeing Black Cesar, changed my life and taught about how black people should have aspiration etc etc. not to mention the others

tell me u seen fred williamson(feel sorry for that man's career and exploitation, even more than nicholas cage lol)

oooow i see u doing big interviews now. oprah game proper lol........

PS: i keep seeing "YT" in blogs, is that the new politically correct term haha

the wayans have reached their sell by date. no more majaor payne or my wife and family. dance flick looks AWFUL!!! i predict a Razzies sweep

mike tyson was def one of my heroes growing up. but he went downhill in my teens. this documentary will def be sweet, heard its sonna be shown at Sundance. lol at the side eye at 0:36

boris said...

*tell me u seen fred williamson's azz in Boss N****r. lol fest


Gurl quit playin'

You don't be readin' our blogs!

michael a. gonzales said...

Every time I see "Three the Hard Way" I cringe a little; I loved that joint back in my Tapia days (see blog), but it has too be one of the worst of that genre. Truthfully, Gordon Jr. wasn't really all that behind the camera, but at least with Super Fly we got a Curtis Mayfield soundtrack.