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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This N' That...

Hey all...I am free from a contract gig that was taking up an immense space of my time and energy...but hallelujah, I free! Which in turn, leaves me more time for my precious blog--aren't you lucky? lol

How about a little movie news, yes?

First up, I don't know what to make of Isaiah Washington. He was kicked out of his house for non-payment of rent. He was on Grey's Anatomy for a few years, wasn't he? What do these folks do with all of those juicy dollars? Damn. But things are looking up for him--he is doing a biopic on the life of Lou Rawls, which I think is wonderful, cause I never felt Lou received his proper due. I think Isaiah is a very interesting choice.

What isn't interesting to anyone, apparently, is the halted biopic of Lionel Ritchie, who was deemed too boring. Dang! He must have had a couple of interesting moments leading The Commodores and getting a karate chop beat-down on his ass by his wife. I'd like to see that.

Ntozake Shange’s play, “For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide …” is being made into a film. I saw this play when I was a little girl, and don't really remember it, so I am looking forward to it. The film also has a Black female director, Nzingha Stewart. Kudos!

In YT cinema news, I saw "A Haunting In Connecticut", please don't ask why. Perfectly awful, of course. What is even more awful and disturbing is a big screen "3 Stooges" movie with...wait for it.....Sean Penn as Larry (?!), Jim Carrey as Curly (not a stretch), and Benecio Del Toro as Moe (??!!) I mean, really, WTF! This idea just makes me sad inside, especially the part about Sean Penn...just one more in the long line of making stupid choices after winning an Oscar.

Speaking of sad, King Latifah will be in yet another romantic comedy, "Just Wright". **sigh**

I received a note from the head of the Wichita NAACP, Kevin Myles. He said:

Hey Sis, You may want to check this out... The NAACP is asking people to rate the 100 most influential films of the last century. As I was looking through the nominees it was exciting just to go back and watch the trailers from all of my favorites from the last 40 years... Here's a link; check it out: http: / / www. wichitanaacpblog. com/ 2009/ 03/ naacp-top-100-films- of-century-1909_17. html

Check it out folkses, and vote as you see fit. I want to give some Oaktown love to filmmaker Mateen O. Kemet, whose work I will be following closely. He was on the series "On The Lot" and has this lovely trailer for a film he's working on, called "Oakland B Mine". Let me know what you think:

And finally, check me and my comrades out on last night's Obenson Report podcast. It was a bloggers roundtable on what else? Black Cinema. I joined Daryle Lockhart at "The Black Box Office", my beloved Sergio from Ebony/Jet, Solshine from "Reel Artsy", and of course Tambay Obenson. If you'd like to hear us chop it up, click HERE.

Thanks to the wonderful Issa Rae for some of these tidbits...


Invisible Hand said...



Anonymous said...

Oh wow. The "Oakland B Mine" trailer is kind of fire. Quite nice.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. The "Oakland B Mine" trailer is kind of fire. Quite nice!

Also, lucky us INDEED for your newfound FREEDOM!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, the podcast was such a joy to listen to.

Thanks for linking it IW, I had no idea about Daryle, Karen or Sergio's so shall be linking them on my blog for the future.

Tambay, keep doing these podcasts. They are fabulous!

I especially enjoyed to hear what you all had to say about Tyler Perry & Mos Def (the latter whom can get it any time of the day from me ha ha).

IW, I would have loved it if you guys had touched on celebrities in films like Beyonce.


Reel Whore said...

I remember Mateen from On The Lot, slap-crappy show, but he was one of the more promising folks there.

I've always wanted to see a Lionel Richie beatdown re-enactment. Love the man and his music, but some things you just want to see.

I don't even know what to say about the 3 stooges thing...

Monie said...

I have a question; why do you refer to Queen Latifah as "King Latifah"?

Thanks for the link to the podcast. :)

msladyDeborah said...


Lou Rawls played by Isaiah Washington-that will be interesting to see.

Lionel=yawns for me.

For Colored Girls-there is already a film version. It was shot years ago and it aired on PBS. It is a great play. It will be interesting to see how it comes across now. I saw it a couple of times.

The trailer for Oakland B Mine looks like it is a film that a sistah like myself is going to need to view.

I'll check out your podcast later on. I should be in bed now. But you know how that goes!;-)

Tafari said...

Aint nothing like being loosed from bondage!

And did you say Kind Latifah? LOL!


Sleeperwithheavyeyes said...

Wow, people used to wear anything. Jeez. The 70's was crazy.

Karen said...

It was nice chatting with you on the podcast. I'm intrigued to see the For Colored Girls adaptation.

Unknown said...

I also saw the for colored girls play years ago (My mom still has a movie poster) I don't remember it either so it should be interesting. I hope Beyonce is not in it...

Anonymous said...

I will definitely look for Mr. Kemet's film while I'm here in the States. Thank you for this post!

Felicia, This Time Now



Did you just jump on the Wendy Williams' bandwagon and call Queen Latifah a dude??

She's my gurl!