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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Coming To A Bootleg Near You

A review for "Who Made The Potatoe Salad" (I won't bore you with the details of how the title is relevant to what's in the film) Wow, where do I begin? With the fact that potato is spelled with an "e"? With the tidbit that this masterpiece was written by someone that nicknames himself "Coke"? That the movie looks like it was made on $25 dollars and a pack of Now Or Laters? Or with the dismay that this stars Urkel (Jaleel White), Roc's wife (Ella Joyce) who must have needed to make a car payment on her Camry, and Eddie Griffin? How the mighty have fallen.

This underwhelming unfunny movie is about a young man meeting his fiance's family for the first time, kind of like a ghetto "Meet The Parents". Jaleel is a cop, and guess what? The father (Clifton Powell, who I think has been in every single black movie since 1978-does he even sleep?) is a former black panther who has a super irrational hatred for cops and calls Jaleel a M'f'r before he can even sit down in the car. Realistic. The plot is pretty much that same set up recycled over and over for a seemingly endless 90 minutes. There are some very low brow glimmers of humor from veteran Reynaldo Ray, who plays Clifton Powell's nemesis of a father-in law, and from stand-up comedian and actor DeRay Davis, who plays the fiance's dumb as a doorknob gangster brother.

Jaleel White looks lost in every scene, as if he walked in on the wrong movie and wants to excuse himself, but is too polite to do so. The "role" of Eddie Griffin consists of a self-filmed prison video sent to the fiance that seemed like it was phoned in from Mars. Pure, unadulterated torture to watch, but compared to this film, it is "The Godfather".

1 comment:

DB said...

bless your heart for sitting through this mess.