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Monday, June 4, 2007

MTV Movie Awards.....LAME as usual

Let me make this perfectly clear: I have no love for MTV. Over the years I have watched them trot out black culture when it's convenient for them, applaud themselves as "pioneers" and then completely ignore us. Now they have included film as well.

I knew it wasn't looking good when I found out Sarah Silverman was hosting, who, in my opinion , skates a veeeerrrrry thin line with what I consider to be often racist material in her standup and TV.

I guess this year they had nothing to "pioneer" and gave us a couple of awards they found leftover in the basement.....Jaden Smith, son of one of our "safe" actors Will Smith, received the Breakthrough Award for his role in the "Pursuit of Happyness".

"The intelligent" Spike Lee received the "coveted" (their words, not mine) Silver Bucket Award (?!!) for the 1989 film "Do the Right Thing".

Dayum, MTV. Can't you even pretend that you give a hot you-know-what? How gracious of you to give 2 awards out of many to a small child of one of the most powerful Hollywood couples in history, and for a 20 year old movie that was made when probably the mainstay of your demographic wasn't even born or was in diapers? At least they let Rhianna perform, now that she has gone "pop".

We do have to do our due diligence, however, and show up to these travesties in case MTV might throw a few crumbs of the zillions, and zillions, and zillions of dollars they've made from our lifestyles and culture our way.

Hey MTV! How about trying out a little more of that condescending "pioneering" a bit next year, mmmkay?

(images from mtv's website)

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