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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Open Letter To Isaiah Washington

Dear Isaiah:

I know the hoopla surrounding you as of late is television related, but a lot of people either forget or don't know that you had a fairly sizable and promising film career at one point, before the whole "f" word debacle . It included some very thoughtful, well-acted were kinda pre-Don Cheadle before Don Cheadle.

Anyhoo, the whole Larry King promised rampage thing is ill-advised. I read today that NBC is in talks with you for some new projects, but they have somewhat doesn't take a genius to figure out that they are watching what you'll do next, closely.

Listen, in the words of Kimora Lee Simmons from her book "Faboulosity" when there is a scandal, either completely act like it never happened, or, own up to it-then keep it moving and act like it never happened. Say what you will about Kimora, but she always bounces back like a cat. Can you remember even half the scandals she's been associated with? (btw, there are many).

I saw a picture of you yesterday smiling, looking relaxed...keep doing that every day till you get your power deal together. Do it in your sleep. And for God's sake, believe me, we all are tired of hearing about the T.R. thing. I hate to side with one of your heinous former co-stars, but if you don't do anything else for the next 2 weeks JUST BE QUIET!!

I say this with love,

Invisible Woman


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Greys fan, and was gutted when he left :( He was my fav attending! He could've been cheif! :'(

You never know, if it all blows over he may be back for a cameo?

Invisible Woman said...

I don't know....I think it could've been a strong possibility, but he keeps talking, and talking, and talking....with every new revelation he makes, the chances get smaller and smaller. But you know Hollywood, the bottom line is ratings.

Anonymous said...

I personally I am a huge Greys fan and was very upset when you were fired from the show. Yes you made a mistake, a very offensive mistake but you had consequences, dealt with them and tried to do your best to reconcile. You said what you said, wrong as it may be and you got the back lash from it. There is nothing else you can do but hold your chin up high, know you did all that you could do in the matter and make an effort to quiet the matter down and get on with your career. You are an extremely talented actor and this will die down, just pray for relief from all the media attention you are getting from it, learn from it and move on. Better things are yet to come! God Bless

Invisible Woman said...