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Sunday, June 17, 2007


I read yesterday that Robin Givens is playing the part of ghetto gossip queen, radio host, and self proclaimed "Queen of Media" Wendy Williams in a film based on her life story. Don't get me wrong, Wendy is a huge guilty pleasure for me and good at what she does, but she is also way bigger than life; like a House of LaBeja tranny on steroids. Everything about her is huge; her stature, her cheap blond weave, her voice, her feet....everything.

As you can see, the complete antithesis of Robin Givens (except for Robin's huge reputation, unwarranted or no). There is absolutely nothing huge about Robin. Tracy Morgan would have been a better choice. This will either be the biggest coup of Robin's career if she is up to the challenge, or the biggest disaster since the Titanic. I'm rooting for her....filming started last week.

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