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Saturday, June 23, 2007

So What Else Is New?

The AFI revealed their top 100 American Films of all time, and surprise, surprise-there was only one, count 'em one, black film that made the list-"Do The Right Thing" (one and a half if you include "In The Heat Of The Night"). I don't know why I keep hoping for anything better.....invisibility rears it's ugly head once again.

Now, I know that Spike Lee's film is a crossover favorite, but personally I've never been a big fan (don't judge me....there are others of his I like). If you've never seen Sidney ("They call me Mr. Tibbs!") Poitier in "In The Heat Of The Night" do yourself a favor and see the REAL breakthrough strong black man performance, pre-Shaft and pre-Superfly. The scene where elegant Sidney bitch-slaps the town big wig to the ground probably sent half of the Klan to it's grave back in the day. It is not really a "black" film, but from the riveting performance of Sidney, who is in almost every scene, it could almost be one. And yes, it is the film on which the TV series was based.

Back to Spike...I will be watching the films I haven't seen of his this weekend, and will be posting mini-reviews Saturday and Sunday. Hope you likeey.

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