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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hollywood Shuffle - Black Acting 101

I saw this clip on Stereohyped....I forgot about the hilarity that was "Hollywood Shuffle". This clip is an ad for Robert Townsend's "Black Acting School" (offered to dark-skinned blacks only) and has classes in Jive Talk 101 and Shuffling 200. Just call 555-COON.

Barely anything has changed since this movie was made...Robert Townsend was the answer in the 80's.


Wanda said...

wasnt robert townsend awesome in the 80's. I have Hollywood Shuffle on DVD and its still significant today. This is one of my favorite clips (except for the Eddie Murphy "type" clip)!

Yobachi said...

I will always love Robert Townsend for this film.

At the time I saw it I had never heard of it, and just happened upon it one Saturday afternoon while flipping channels. This was around 1990. This movie along with Spike Lee's School Daze, helped shape my black consciousness. Hollywood Shuffle in particularly in regards to black images and portrayls in media.

Did you know Robert Towsend has his own network, the Black Family Channel? I just found out yesterday. Apparently it's doing quite well in getting on cable systems; and they're producing a lot of original programming. I'll be blogging about it over at soon.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

I love this movie, this is great satire. They managed to make it amusing yet poignant, unlike Spike Lee's Bamboozled.

Invisible Woman said...

@wanda, yobachi, and and M. Grapevine: Agreed....especially the Bamboozled part. As "Men On Film" would say "hated it!"

klandestine said...

hey, I'm a Black ctress and I JUST started a blog. It's hard to get a community around being black and female (in anything, let alone) the so-called entertainment industry. My first post is not on topic, but I'm working on it.