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Monday, July 30, 2007

Hopefully Coming To A Theater Near You

As a fairly new blogger, I am coming to the realization that a lot of bloggers are staunch superhero/comic book fans. I've never been too big on it, but I think I would tend to be more interested if the superhero were black (sorry, just being honest).

Reading one of my Negro Justice League trifecta's blogs, Supernegro (the other 2 being Afronerd, and Undercover Black Man, who wrote a blurb about me yesterday, thanks :-) ) he talked about John Singleton making Luke Cage and The Black Panther. That would be great, as Singleton needs to atone for "Four Brothers" the only film that could make Andre 3000 unattractive and boring (Tyrese was fiyah tho!).

Anyhoo, I will even forgive John for dissing "Meteor Man" (Robert Townsend never bothers anybody) if he makes even one of these films. I wouldn't hold my breath tho, he has talked about making a number of films that have never come to fruition.
btw, above is a Luke Cage action figure...a bit zesty, no?


Jay Wilson said...

You, ma'am, just haven't encountered the right comic. It seems as if the superhero stuff doesnt interest you much - no I. In recent years I've turned to the indie circuit where there are tons of great comic covering all genres. There's kickin comic about Nat Turner by Kyle Baker. There's Whiteout, a murder/mystery set in the Antartic. Love and Rockets, a collection of fucked up relationship stories. In the world of comics, there's something for everyone.

Invisible Woman said...

You know, I have read Love and Rockets from time to time for eons...I really didn't know it was considered a comic book, but I guess-what else would it be? haha

Thanks for the heads up about the Nat Turner one, there is a great comic book store here in SF, I'm sure they'll have it. The superhero thing, though, may take awhile...

Jay Wilson said...

Which store is that in San Fran? I may be headed out West in 2 weeks.

Invisible Woman said...

Jay, I don't know the name of it, it's in the Haight, and has been there forever. When I go by there this week I'll let you know the name.