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Monday, July 23, 2007

I Couldn't Agree More

I received this comment from my girl PZ at UltravioletUnderground yesterday, and I think it's very reflective of the thoughts of a lot of readers of this blog. It started out as me telling her that Kasi Lemmons uses a largely female crew on her films:

I'm glad to know it. Bless her for traveling the road the traveled. It's only a matter of time before the 'female' mafia sets up established shop and starts funding and cranking out movies and media with depth (I hope to see major success for Miss [Meagan] Good's Freedom Bridge), because seriously these misogynistic stereotypes and racist undertones in "modern" cinema are blaringly obvious.

The excuse that 'they didn't know what would offend' really won't fly these days. Kasi Lemmons as an amazing eye. She should be heralded for that rather than dragged down by someone who believes 'Torque' is a cinematic masterpiece of any kind...Maybe Kasi's new movie needed more work...I don't know, but I'll aim to see it and see if I agree with that. It's only a matter of time, and blogs like yours are setting the record straight on the reality of things. That is a revolutionary act in an age where so many have gone the route of 'mainstream' boot licking as if they don't see the trends that have made it impossible for these large corporations to maintain a foothold in the changing times.

The film industry is ailing. You can hardly ever find a good movie to watch out of the many choices offered each year, as of late. The record industry is done pretty much because of the digital age and the playing field is leveled in so many arenas, which tells me the universe is ready for everyone to be able to express and create for mass consumption...You can't fight an invisible force that's larger than you Hollywood. It's time to get over that and join the rest of conscious humanity already...We're awake again.

From Invisible Woman: Yes, we are awake again, as is so glaringly obvious from the writings of Purple Zoe and my cyber-boyfriends and Negro Justice League: Supernegro, Undercover Blackman, and Afronerd. I think we are starting to be heard in a way that hasn't been seen since the 70's, and blogging is one of the catalysts for that. Let us choose our own heroes and causes and support them.


PurpleZoe said...

Love you Sistah.
I have to check out these other blogs you've mentioned.
Bless the age of awakened consciousness for real.

Invisible Woman said...