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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Listen Up Up Part 2 (This Is For Everyone This Time)

Received this in my email this morning:

AN ALTERNATIVE TO "HOT GHETTO MESS": I wanted to write you and ask that you take a look at the website for a smart new independent Black TV drama series, "My Brother's Keeper"( that we are actually trying to get BET &Viacom's attention with. The series is an intelligent commentary on college life and realistic, but non-exploitive, situations about life, love, sex and relationships amongst the 18-34 African-American crowd.

If you could give us a mention on your site to show that there is quality material out there, then maybe if would help us get the attention we are seeking in getting better programming on a network that claims to represent us in a positive light. Peace and blessings.

Lamont Carswell "Am I my brother's keeper?"


hottnikz said...

Looks interesting I guess. At least the kids have an alternative.

Invisible Woman said...

Well, I always appreciate when someone is at least trying to do something different.