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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today in B'Days

Lonette McKee is 53. I used to live next door to Lonette in Brooklyn, and she was very sweet and private; if I didn't live next door I wouldn't have known she lived there, and I never talked to her except to say hello....she would go in her backyard every morning to feed the birds. She also had a Demi Moore/Ashston Kutcher type relationship with this dark chocolate brotha who was F-I-N-E. My roommate always had to tell me to stop eyeballin him, but she couldn't front, she was lookin too, haha.

The roles she has played in recent years have been selective, but she always comes across as beautiful and strong....she has been in Jungle Fever, Honey, The Cotton Club, ATL, and one of my favorites, He Got Game, among others....happy birthday, Lonette.
Danny Glover is 61.


dara said...

Do you remember her in The Women of Brewster Place? I loved that movie (and book)!

Invisible Woman said...

I was gonna mention it, but it was TV. They really should show it on TV One...BET is a lost cause.