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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Angela Bassett is 49 Today

So I decided to honor her with a clip. I know some will hate me for saying this, but sometimes I find her quite boring (don't judge me!) so I found a clip of her doing something a little undignified for once....and I love it. Warning: some naughty words included :-)


justjudith said...

that's hilarious. what movie is that? great b-day clip in her honor. i'm fond of the "git yo sh--" burning bmw scene from exhale.

Lester Spence said...

Strange Days.

Has a scene in there that is reminiscent of Crash. No way in hell that a black person with a lick of sense would react to a police officer like that.

This was the movie that brought home to me the fact that NOTHING in life is free. They gave a sneak peak of the movie in Ann Arbor and I checked it out with my wife.

Damn I wish I could get those two hours back.

Invisible Woman said...

Yes, it was "Strange Days" which I have never seen, cause even when I saw the trailers years ago, it looked a bit too off-kilter to me. I liked her in WTE too, but in this scene she finally gets drrrrty.

Simo said...

You're funny, IW! Nobody can hate you for your opinion, thats just how you feel. I dont think Angela is boring at all though, just raised too right to act a fool. She looks too good to be 49 though.

Invisible Woman said...

Ok I admit it. When I said "some" I really meant you are no joke when it comes to your girl! Thank you for not wringing my neck, haha :-)

PurpleZoe said...

Love her.
She is working 49. Didn't she just adopt some twins a few years back?

Invisible Woman said...

She did adopt twins, and they are cute to death. Everyone should want to look like her at 49!