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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oscar Nominated Actor, Best Selling Rapper Starts Film Company

But seriously, I never heard of this dude....when was he on Roc-A-Fella? And does starring in State Property 1 & 2 qualify you to start a film production company? And where did all this money come from? I guess we'll see; at least he's trying. Going straight to video is usually not a good sign, tho, but Snoop and Poot from "The Wire" are in this one. From Black Talent News:

Former Roc-a-Fella artist Omillio Sparks (aka Kenneth Johnson) has launched Colossal Films. Colossal Films (a new division of Colossal Entertainments) plans to focus on mass marketing and distributing urban street flicks. Sparks came to prominence starring as 'Baby Boy' in the films "State Property 1 & 2."

Sparks recently teamed up with Shurwil Langston of Tough Struggle Entertainment to release the feature film "Soulful".

Set to be released direct-to-video during the holiday season, a bonus DVD of the film will be packaged with Sparks' upcoming album, The Payback. The fllm will be distributed through Koch Entertainment and will be sold at FYE , BEST BUY, Circuit City, and other national retail chains.

Omillio Sparks "Soulful" is a coming-of-age-story of a young girl (Jamie Knight), nicknamed "Soulful" who uses her God given talent to sing despite dealing with the adversities of a hard knock life in the streets.

The supporting cast includes Sparks, and Tray "Poot" Chaney & Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from the critically acclaimed HBO series, "The Wire". Colossal Films' second movie, "Expendable." is currently in production.

Sparks was signed to Rocafella records in the late 90's by Damon Dash and Jay-Z. He has starred in three movies including "State Property 1 and 2," and wrote on seven songs on the "State Property 1" and six on the "State Property 2" albums. Since leaving Rocafella records he has established a new independent label, Colossal Entertainment, and now this new film division.


justjudith said...

did he make a record?? i never heard of him either.

Sincere said...

he was a part of beanie sigel's crew, named state property, that was signed to rocafella. they put out 2 albums, both garbage, but put out nonetheless... He was horrible in state property 1 & 2, then again so was everyone else in those movies!!

hottnikz said...

He is from right here in Philly, and has been featured in a lot of Rocafella songs.As a matter of fact he did the chorus on Jay-Z's Give It To Me. IW are you saying that he was nominated for an Oscar? For what movie soundtrack?

Invisible Woman said...

@jj: I'm glad I wasn't the only one
@sincere: Thanks for clarifying!:-)@hottnikz: actually, I was trying to be funny....guess I didn't do such a good job...haha

justjudith said...

thanks for clearing that up! i hope he gets better reviews for his new stuff than for the state property franchise :)

Invisible Woman said...

It couldn't be any worse, that's for sure.

Yobachi said...

I never heard of him either. I see from comments above that he was in State Property, so that would explain why. Part of the crap Dame Dash kept bringing to the label so he could pretend that he actually had a purpose in being there.