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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Supernegro has tried to destroy me with this one...maybe he's jealous that I'm crushing on someone outside of my Negro Justice League (I kid, I kid :-) )

He sent me this link from his blog yesterday:

"We all know that Morgan Freeman is an incredible actor; he brings a certain warmth and dignity to all of his roles, such as the when he drove Ms. Daisy to the Piggly Wiggly or provided Bruce Wayne with all of his hi-tech toys. But the young'un may not remember Mr. Freeman from one of his earliest and most popular roles: as the smooth walkin', jive talkin' hippie-Hendrix, Easy Reader on PBS' Electric Company.

In this clip, Morgan and Rita Moreno get down with the grammar groove. You'll notice two things: 1) that Morgan Freeman is either the tallest human being alive or Rita's actually Smurfette and 2) Freeman is quite possibly under the influence. And I'm not talking the liqs here, folks. Regardless, the video features a catchy little ditty that will linger in your head for such a length of time that you'll want to take a power drill to your temple like the dude in Pi."

'Easy Reader, that's my name....uh, uh, uh!' - Jay Wilson

From I.W.: I have to say, me no likey. Some just get better with age, and I think Morgan may seriously fit in that category.


Sincere said...

wow!!! All I can say is.. Wow! I think this may have been before my time, I don't quite remember electric company. but I do remember conjunction junction (what's your function!!!)

Keli said...

"Hey You Guyyyys!"...Classic.

hottnikz said...

These were the days! These are programs that the kids need now, instead of that crap that comes on now. I went and bought The Electric Company, The Muppet Show, & School House Rock on dvd...for my son of course,lol.

Jay Wilson said...

I bought School House Rock for myself two years ago - classic material!

Mrs. Grapevine said...

I remember...

justjudith said...

i loved easy reader!!! and i get your crush on morgan now too!! lol. nothing wrong with geriatric love.

Invisible Woman said...

Geriatric love...that's funny...I loved Schoolhouse Rock as well, it definitely helped me get to college remembering those songs on certain subjects...haha. I liked Morgan better as the D.J. on Electric Company..."Out of sighteous!!"

@hottnikz: I'm sure they're for your son *cough*cough :-)