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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Know You've Probably Heard This By Now....

I wasn't going to post this because it has been on all the blogs, and because it is definitely not black cinema, but I love J-Hud. For the 8 of you that haven't heard, Jennifer Hudson has signed on to be in the "Sex and the City" movie.

Considering how I feel about on-screen television adaptations, I'll remain silent. Some folks say that this is a breakthru, as there were no blacks, apparently, in New York City in the late 90's and afterwards according to the show....but people forget, late into the episodes Blair Underwood played the red-headed one's boyfriend. I know, I forgot too, as I had stopped watching by then.


Wanda said...

eh. i was a bit excited for her, until i hear she was playing Sarah Jessica Parker's purse holder. I didn't watch the show and that doesn't make me really want to see the movie.

Amias said...

I love JH, but I am with Wanda ... Sex and the City got boring, after the first few episodes you could tell what the script would be week after week after week. Sarah Parker was the most boring one of all. I am wishing the best for JH, she a helleva actress!

Invisible Woman said...

I don't think our community is a thrilled as others about this reunion...and you're right, arias, it was soooo predictable, basically I was watching it for the clothes, as I suspect some others were too