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Friday, September 21, 2007

Samuel Jackson, Kerry Washington Team Up

This one might be interesting; thrillers are my favorite film genre. Kerry and Samuel will star in "Lakeview Terrace". The plot?

"An LAPD officer (Jackson) will stop at nothing to force out the interracial couple who just moved in next door. "-IMDB

I don't know who is playing who, but I hope Kerry Washington is the wife. It's in post-production and due out next year.


Lisa C said...

I have to give it up to Kerry, she's good! I was amazed at her acting skills in "The Last King of Scotland" and "I Think I Love My Wife". Two obliviously very different roles where she did very well.

I read an article on her in Essence a few months back and fell in love with her sweet spirit.

I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll bring to this film.

AJ said...

This sounds good. Can't wait, till it comes out. Jackson is one of my favorite actors. I've also grown quite fond of Kerry.

Qadree said...

The details may change, but Sam Jackson is the angry cop and Kerry Washington is married to the white guy.

From what I understand this flick is supposed to get violent towards the end. I'm always suspicious of this sort of film. I have a feeling this is going to be a flick where the black woman teams up with the white man to crush the angry black man. I suspect there are going to be many political agendas wrapped up in this film.

Cooper said...

She was super in "The Last King of Scotland". I really have to start going to more movies.

Invisible Woman said...

I think it's safe to say we gig Kerry...she's come a long way from when I used to think "who is that bird-lipped chick?" haha @qadree: it's probably too much to hope for, but let's be optimistic and hope it doesn't fall into cliche'

Undercover Black Man said...

Kerry Washington is indeed the bomb. Check out her work in the indie film "Our Song" back in 2000.

Story sounds like it could be "inspired by" a real-life case in Pasadena where a black cop did exactl y this... harassed the hell out of an interracial couple who lived next door. Wild story... I thought when I read it it would make a good thriller.

And a great "villian" role for a black actor. Shoot, the black man shouldn't have to play the noble high-school teacher or coach allthe damn time.

Invisible Woman said...

Wow...I couldn't have said it better myself UBM...too bad you didn't write this film first...if you ever want to do a callabo, Im in!

I have to check out Our Song.

Jenn said...

I loved her on Boston Legal and glad to hear she is moving on up on the big screen.