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Monday, September 17, 2007

Today in B'Days

Malik Yoba, so sexy in New York Undercover, who has completely lost his swagger and is always in dire need of lip moisture is 40.

Doug. E. Fresh, who starred in a movie I have in my archives called "Let's Get Bizee" where he ran for political office, is 41. Still holds it down to put on one of the best live shows you'll ever see.


Mrs. Grapevine said...

Where is he? Is he employed? I've been watching NY Undercover, it's a really good show, and still very unique. I can't think any other show other than the Wire that I could compare it to.

justjudith said...

he was so fine on that tv show. and sadly (lol) his lips are ashy! where did he go -- he did a little stint on girlfriends...but at this point who hasn't??

Tayo said...

Oh, it's nothing a little Palmer's cocoa butter or Chapstick won't cure.

He is in "Why Did I Get Married?" coming up in October, if I remember correctly.

Invisible Woman said...

@GV I used to LOVE that show...they cancelled it after the 2 dudes asked for a raise...f'd up. I know he does gospel plays now, and I heard he lives a zesty lifestyle if you know what I mean.

@jj and tayo; that dude needs to carry a case worth at all times (Chapstick).

harleyblues said...

hey where did my post go? laughin at the chapstick mention! yeah!

Anonymous said...

Malik Yoba is a cool brother and a friend of mine. Very talented and self-assured (great qualities in a man!)
Happy way way belated birthday bro!