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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where Does Web Site Traffic Come From?

I don't know, as I am probably the most low-tech blogger out here, but what I do know is that my numbers double steadily about every 2 weeks. I think I do pretty well for a fairly new blogger, but yesterday I had an nuclear explosion of traffic. When I looked to see where it was coming from it was a bit of a surprise.

As some of you know, I am not the biggest fan of Halle Berry, but she gave me a gift yesterday with the announcement of her pregnancy. For some reason I was listed as a go-to source in this story on AOL, right next to

Congrats and thanks, Halle, I appreciate it. Just try to make some movies worth seeing, mmkay?


tobenson said...

Well, I'll tell you how I found your blog... I Googled the phrase "black cinema" and you showed up on the second page! That's awesome! It's a broad search phrase, but you'd be surprised how many searches are actually placed daily with that specific phrase. I use Google adwords to market my podcast, so I get reports daily on what people are searching for, and "black cinema" is up there!

justjudith said...

lol. i know that's right. halle owes me money for catwoman!
ps congrats on the traffic explosion. it's nice to know people read what you work on, na mean?

Danielle said...

I'm not a big fan of Halle's either. It's odd because I've sincerely tried to like her and her work, but she just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There's just something missing in her and Catwoman was just unspeakable.

Ehav Ever said...

You guys think you had it bad. I had to watch Catwoman on an international flight. Over the Pacific Ocean no one can hear you scream. I felt like begging the flight attendants to open the doors and let me jump. I kept wondering if the people making the film were sitting there saying, "Yo this movie is tight. I just know we are going to make a part 2."

Simo said...

Well I'm sure you already know this but I found your site while doing my regular "BassettHounding". You know my Angela Bassett blog must strive! :D

But I continue running into "Invisble Cinema" and I'm seriously not trying to. But I must say I'm in love with your bluntness, its a rarity nowadays.

Anyway unlike you fools, I'm also in love with Halle Berry (in the totally platonic more of adoration than love sort of way). Catwoman was NOT THAT BAD and I smiled when I heard she was pregnant. She really deserves some kind of happiness. Unfortunately her baby is going to brigther than the sun, damn!

Jay Wilson said...

Congrats on the traffic! I love the traffic explosions - especially the ones that come out of nowhere.

I had a huge surge this summer when I covered the Coney Island Mermaid Parade and took lots of photos: it still a traffic bringer as I added my link to Wikipedia (and I usually do the same with interviews I do).

Mrs. Grapevine said...

For me it's Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell rumors. I get the traffic, I just don't get the comments.

Invisible Woman said...

However you guys found me, I'm glad you're here...hope y'all get more traffic explosions too...I heard Angela Bassett turned down THAT would have been the s--t with her in it...just goes to show you Halle can't even make a movie like that interesting. @ehavever lmbao at your comment @jay: thanks for the tip :-)

Ehav Ever said...

Even if Angela Bassett was in it I think they would have needed a better script. The whole thing of the villain being supped up on make up that made her skin like stone, just didn't seem like a big deal to me. Maybe it is just the fact that I am a guy that I never knew you could build a villain around the make up industry.

Invisible Woman said...

I have to agree with you there ehavever....that was one f'd up villain, haha