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Friday, October 19, 2007

Cheapskate 6

The crew on Spike Lee's new movie, "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You," are pissed off. "A lot of people took pay cuts to do Spike a favor," said one crew member, who estimated 20-30 people were out up to $3,000 each. An accountant for production company Drop Squad said: "It's not a matter of if [they get paid], but when." rws

From IW: What is up with that? I once worked for a black director notorious for not paying his folkses, but Spike has come a long way since "She's Gotta Have It." There is absolutely no excuse...$3000 each? He probably has enough to pay them all in his wallet on the daily.


hottnikz said...

yeah what up with that?

Dwacon said...

Wow. Didn't Spike say about BET that if you worked for them you got paid in sandwiches? Well, at least you can eath the sandwich.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Too bad they can't band together and demand a very small percentage of the film's gross. Wonder if the pending Hollywood strike affect him...probably not.

Invisible Woman said...

@dwacon: Hilarious! @hottnikz and all seeing eye: spike has always had loyal people around him....why jeopardize that with trouble on the horizon?

straight from the peanut gallery said...

What Spike Lees problem is seemingly,hes on a power trip just like Bey,when she didnt wanna pay those dancers of hers,tryin to cheap ass labor.

Invisible Woman said...

Bey was trash for that move, I'm sorry. When you have as much money as Spike and B, that is straight ghetto, not to mention deeply insulting, to pull that kind of s__t.

chel said...

Spike Lee is Fucking Arsehole - And one ugly motherfucker!