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Monday, October 22, 2007

Gabby and Morris Chestnut Reteam in Xmas Film

There are a couple of Black Christmas movies coming out.....this one has a whole mixed bag of folkses in it. Spotted on AOL:

Coming out in December is another Christmas themed film, 'The Perfect Holiday'. Not to be confused with 'This Christmas', which stars Chris Brown and Regina King, this film has Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union, Queen Latifah, Charlie Murphy, Terrence Howard, Faizon Love, Rachel True, Katt Williams, Jill Marie Jones, Malik Hammond, Khail Bryant, & Jeremy Gumbs.

An African American take on the classic and beloved Christmas family film, 'The Perfect Holiday' tells the story of Nancy (Union), a divorced mother of three who is so busy raising her children that she's forgotten to take care of herself as well. With Christmas fast approaching, she decides to take her kids to the mall to meet Santa Claus, not knowing that her youngest daughter Emily (Khail Bryant) has sensed her mother's sadness and is determined to use her time with Santa to make her mom happy again. Just a few days prior, Emily heard her mom say that all she wanted for Christmas was a compliment from a man, so that's exactly what she tells Santa. Ironically, Santa, as it turns out, is office supply salesman and struggling songwriter Benjamin (Chestnut), who ends up giving Nancy just what she wants for Christmas, and much, much more.

'The Perfect Holiday' was written, produced, and directed by Lance Rivera (The Cookout) and will be released in theaters on December 12th.

From IW: Union and Chestnut were an interesting team-up in "Two Can Play That Game", and it's nice to see that Jill Marie Jones, who was mentioned last week, is doing something high profile. But all gorgeous Union wants is a compliment from a man? C'mon now....and since 'The Cookout" is on my top five list of worst black movies ever, and this has the same director, my hopes are not, how do you say, exactly high.


Janice said...

Am I a terrible person because I have complained about the lack of “diversity” (meaning non drug ho films) in films but I am not interested in these films being released. I hate hate romances.

Invisible Woman said...

I like all types of films, romances too, but they must be well written and well acted. If nothing new is added to the mix, I zone out.

Janice said...

You're right, what i really hate is the manipulation. The heavy hand.

Keli said...

This is one that I might watch once it comes on cable.

Invisible Woman said...

@ janice and keli: I'll watch, but only if it's free!

MrsGrapevine said...


Invisible Woman said...

For sure!