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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pro-Noosers Not Welcome Here....

I noticed an interesting surge of traffic today after arriving home from the American Black Film Festival. After investigating, I saw a lot of it came from a site called, which in and of itself is a noteworthy blog. It was a simple round-up of hyperlinks, that looked exactly like this:

Wes Anderson is racist.

Dr. James Watson is racist.

The fashion industry is racist. Halle Berry is racist.

Indie rock is racist.

Global warming is racist.

Martin Amis is racist.

Iggy Pop is racist.

Pixar is racist.

Michael Bay is racist.

Oct 25, 2007 • tags: racism

As simple as that, not even a post title. For some reason, my blog received the last tag for my post "Racism and Robots", which was a repost of a review of "Transformers" that The Angry Black Woman reposted from somebody else. I was like third in line, and the editor of the other blog I contribute to "Bonez", reposted it in his own words after me.

Even tho I didn't write the review, nor have I seen the film (and don't plan to) I thought it was a thoughtful perspective of one movie-goer's experience. While this kottke post did bring a string of folks to check out my blog, it also brought some that I have no interest in having here.

Let me make this perfectly clear: I have a community here of thoughtful, intelligent, and curious folks, that even if they don't agree with an opinion, they are respectful in their disagreement and usually give a reason why. What I love is that I don't have sniveling, cowardly "anonymous" posters that have something fucked up to say but are too fucked up themselves to reveal their identity. If you believe in what you say, why hide in your faceless indentity while saying it? You know why? Cause inside, you know it's a fucked up thing to think and say too.

While I welcome other's opinions, even if I don't agree with them, if you are pro-noose, anti-diversity, and believe that certain factions of society have no right to be here, this is absolutely NOT the place for you to hang out. And certainly not the place for you to leave your most unwanted "anonymous" hateful comments. There are lots of places for you to go, and you are not welcome here.

I find it interesting that the pictures of my anti-noose post of Emmitt Till are suddenly "missing" and the only pictures on my blog that are. To my regular readers, you are appreciated more than you know.


Nappily Evah Aftah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nappily Evah Aftah said...


I read your blog, on a regular basis and we agree on one of the things I can NOT stand: Anonymous comments. Too much of the time, comments from anonymous posters are idiotic, and they know it too —that's why they comment...anonymously.

You'd be amazed at how people arrive at your blog. Sometimes it's pleasant amazement. Sometimes it's annoying, and even disturbing.
That's the price of being in the blogosphere. That's the price you pay to speak your mind — an intelligent one, at that.

Blog on, girl. Blog on.

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

Well said IW!

I will never understand the mindset of trolls and other internet cowards.

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks guys, love knowing that there are people with some sense here! :-)

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

If I never view the picture of Emmitt Till again in life, the vision of him lying in state* will forever be engraved in my brain. And in my heart I will always hold a special place for the courage it took his mother to demand an open casket.

*yes, lying in state. I consider him a Prince

janice said...

I'm not blog savvy whay happened to the Till pictures?

Invisible Woman said...

@colored girls: agreed @janice they were gone for a couple of days from my post, now they're back as if somebody was messing with my blog....wierd.

justjudith said...

fight the power! i too loathe anonymous commenters because they are almost always inflammatory and ignorant. i commend you for a powerful and entertaining blog. and i already check it twice a day and now i do so with indignation! i had the same thing with the jena 6 posts i had -- people flooded in and so did some hate. stay encouraged -- you do good work!

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks jj; that's a huge compliment coming from you :-)

justjudith said...

^no sweat, girl!

PurpleZoe said...

In the future you can download a pic, and then upload it to to avoid the removal of pics, if you really want to utilize the pic for a post.

The pro-noosers are cowards and black solidarity threatens them, hence the uprise in hanging the nooses to spread the fear they feel in their heart.

50,000 marchers in Jena let them know we're not sleeping and probably won't be going to sleep. That's a frightening thing for a narrow-minded racist.

Must be a horrible existence to harbor such a deep hatred for self and forcefully spill it into other communities...

This distress is only temporary. In the end unity and appreciation for diversity will be repaired.

Invisible Woman said...

Co-sign, PZ!

Amias said...

All Right then! I read your blog because it keeps me current with some of my favorite pep, without the TMZ bullshit. And although I don't agree with all your opinons, I agree with 99% of them. I love diversity, and won't live without it.