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Monday, October 29, 2007


It's about time I got some Terrence news...I was starting to get the sweats! From Dlisted:

Terrence Howard left Crimson the other night in Los Angeles with a lovely blonde and by lovely blonde I mean skanky natural brunette. Something tells me that isn't a Halloween costume Terrence is wearing. A velour tracksuit to a nightclub? Poor girl is totally looking for the baby wipes. "I swear I had them earlier Terrence! I swear! My coochie is clean!!!"

From IW: I knew it was only a matter of time before he went there....he looked waaay too comfortable hanging out with Paris Hilton. She can have him; at this point I can't see any self-respecting sista wanting to deal with his madness (and those outfits, murse *manpurse* intact).

Hanging out in L.A.? I might have to do some up-close surveillance, haha.

wtf is that chick wearing in the back?


MrsGrapevine said...

Yes, the hair is back. Yeah for Slick Back.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

No jokes tonight. I really need to know what is in that purse he carries. I am so serious...

MrsGrapevine said...


Baby wipes for the blond. That's what's in his purse and a can of Murray's Pomade for the slick back.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...


you know that would be funny if it wasn't the truth...
he needs to stop it...

Invisible Woman said...

You guys are hilarious! I agree with the baby wipes and Murray's lol!!!