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Thursday, October 4, 2007

This N' That

Okay. okay. okay...I know I am a crumb bum for not posting in over a week; something I haven't done since I started blogging. To keep it simple; my laptop and phone were stolen (a huuuuge detour), and I subletted my apartment in San Francisco to move to The City Of Angels, which was a bit time consuming as well.

Anyhoo, thanks to all who checked in me (it's good to be loved :-) ) and a massive apology to T. Obenson aka TAO, whose podcast I was to be on last Monday, and one to my new partner in crime, Ms. Hott Sauce, with whom I'm starting a new blog (more details on that later). I will try to blog a bit this morning, and later on tonight...blessings to those who still added me to their blog roll while I was out of commission, big up :-) If anyone wants to donate to the Invisible Home Decorating Fund, please feel free!

By the's good to be back in L.A. baaybeebaybaaay!


Wanda said...

I was gonna start posting bad things about ya, but since you got your laptop and phone stolen I'll let you slide. LOL.
Sorry that happened to you though. I hate Hate HATE when people steal.
Glad to see your move went well too. Been to LA once, 10 years ago and lets just say it was a McShitty trip. Never've wanted to go back since.

justjudith said...

i was about to email you and ask if you were ai'ght. glad to know ur good. in l.a. huh? we'll have to have drinks when i'm in town. i love to visit but my hats off to you for living there! glad ur back.

Invisible Woman said...

Wanda, you was just with the wrong folkses...hook up with me and jj: whoooole different scenario!

TechKappen said...

So uh, when you gonna be startin' up that new blog?

P.S: It took me like an hour to find this post. So worth it!