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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yes, I Know This Is Random...

From Bossip:
NY Jets running back Thomas Jones is looking for some side deal action and attempting to creep on his alleged pregnant girlfriend Meagan Good. A source exclusively tells Bossip that she has been with Thomas Jones and he indeed be blowing backs out just as we suggested.

The source states that Thomas “knows how to lay it down properly” and that “Meagan must not have all the “goods” because he still calls all of the time inviting me to meet him somewhere. Him and I have a very good rapport with one another but I do decline his offers because of his relationship.”

On a side note, the snitch also offered some random information that Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson (and Jay-Z’s BFF) was drunk at dinner one night and confessed that Beyonce had funky under arms.

From IW: I really just posted this cause for some reason I found that last sentence extremely funny. On a side note, I said earlier this week that Thomas Jones had too much of that sex look for one man.


Debo Hobo said...

Meagan is a gold diggin' fool. She is ruining her life by having a anchor baby in order to sink her claws into his bank account. How stupid and immoral.

Invisible Woman said...

I had no idea....