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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"This Christmas" Update...

I neglected to write about "This Christmas " yesterday, which actually did a very respectable 2nd place over the holiday weekend behind "Enchanted" (??!!) a movie I only heard about the day before it came out. How did a film like that break records? But I digress...

When I first saw "This Christmas", I wasn't exactly bowled over by it. To me, it was an extra large helping of "Soul Food" (even Mekhi Phifer was in it!) with a side of "Mo Betta Blues" with "Waiting To Exhale" for dessert. But in hindsight, there were some elements that did bring some thoughtfulness (spoilers ahead):

- Why does every movie like this have a long suffering matriarch that always says "family is family, no matter what"?

-Why is there always so much drama at one family dinner? I don't know about y'all, but on a typical holiday get-together with my family no one is being chased by thugs for money, no one is AWOL from the armed services, no one is secretly married to a white girl with a baby on the way, no one gets caught having an affair within two days of said event, no one pushes a car off a cliff, no one pulls a gun out on somebody at a club, two siblings don't have a knock down drag out fight in the rain on the front lawn, and nobody gets caught trying to have sex in the closet. (Yes, all of these happened in a 2 day span in the movie). Even one of these factors would be enough for my family to talk about for the next 10 holidays.

- Was it wrong for me not to feel sorry for the YT secret wife when she showed up and her AWOL man was in jail? He ruined his whole military career over her, and from what I could tell, she had no discernible attributes that seemed worthy of ruin. She didn't seem to have a job, much less a career, no money, not particularly charming or charismatic...she wasn't even that pretty...I mean, could they have cast someone else? Even Paris Hilton would have been more interesting.

- Was it wrong that I thoroughly enjoyed the scene where Regina King hands down whupped her husband's ass with a belt and a ton of baby oil? (Sorry guy readers, haha)

-Lauren London is so very, very Keith Robinson (Dreamgirls, Half & Half), on the other hand, always seems stiff and uncomfortable to me, tho this is the loosest I've ever seen him. Regina King has obviously been working out a lot--her body looks great.

-Who knew Sharon Leal could be so sassy and actually hold screen time? She seemed like an entirely different person. In "Why Did I Get Married" she was like a lump on a log. Maybe cause she had to kiss Tyler Perry in that film, instead of Mekhi, like in this one. I would've been sour too. LMAO at her line "You decided to be with that fraction of a man!"

-I love Chris Brown and all (as I stated in my Omarion comments the other day), but why do they keep sending a boy to do a man's job? First, a remake of a Donny Hathaway song, which is admirable, but let's be real, no one can eff with The Don. Then they have him sing "Try A Little Tenderness" originally sung by Otis Redding in the film? Painful! That song is to be sung by someone that looks like Idris Elba or Delroy Lindo (both in the film), not some teeny-bopper that makes it sound like a pop song. And what is up with the older women attraction for him? He looks like someone's 16 year old kid brother. Damn, Gabrielle Union.

-Speaking of Chris Brown, why is it in the first scene where he had his shirt off, all I could hear was WOOOOOO!!! By all males by the way. Interesting.

The positives are that everyone had something valuable to contribute to the world (except YT), the film looked crisp and professional, and there were no bad wigs and weaves (the make-up was on point, too). Cooning was kept to a bare a matter of fact, I don't remember any to speak of. People had nice cars without rims, and no one seemed to live in the ghetto.

If anyone had time to see this, I would really like to know what you thought of it....sucio!


Danielle said...

I've been on the fence about this film. I still am. Thanks for the review. I'm not going to start whining, so I'll just move along.

Urban Thought said...

I saw the movie the other day. I wasn't disappointed. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the previews of the movie.

The best part of the movie was when Regina King beat dude up. I may get backlash for agreeing with you but it was funny as all h***. Not only do you cheat on her but you call from the hotel in a city you aren't supposed to be in? How stupid could you be? So he got his a** beat for stupidity.

Chris Brown is another story all together. I didn't care for his singing (on or off screen). He didn't do any of the songs justice.

I didn't even notice that it was two days until you pointed it out. Now that you have let me know that truth I'm bugging off of the amount of stuff.

I have to give it to Lindo's character for being that dude that others should try to emulate. He supported his woman, the family and accepted everyone as his own. He went so far as to save Elba's character and gained his respect.

One thing I didn't get is how they let those hustlers stay in the house like that. Who does that?

Urban Thought said...

Enchanted is a family film. It would be more of a draw considering the holiday weekend. You slap the Disney name on it a through in a fairy tale ending and you have a winner.

You know the audience... White America.

Regina said...

I didn't see it and I probably wont go see it. I do not do theaters to often and I never do bootlegs so I'll see it in a few months once it hits walmart!
But judging by the various reviews I'm not missing to much! I saw a chris brown video on another blog, singing this christmas, he's a cute lil' boy, but no one can do "this Christmas" like Donny!!Thanks for the spoilers!


Keli said...

Enchanted drew all those crazy Grey's fan who have the nerve to think Patrick Dempsey is sexy.

No cooning...none man threw his life away behind a sub par white girl...I rather see cooning anyday.

Qadree said...

When I saw the trailer for this I film I said to myself, "damn, do we have to sing and dance in every friggin movie, is that a Soul Train line they're doing"!!? I didn't plan on seeing the movie, but what's this about belts and baby oil, I might see this thing after all.

Invisible Woman said...

lol danielle! @UT about those thugs-pure Hollywood. I don't feel guilty anymore about lovin' the belt scene, haha. It also might've been 3 days instead of 2, but still. And did Regina King and her hubby live in San Francisco, but she worked in Mama's store every day in L.A. (400 miles away)? WTF?

Regina, this one can wait for Walmart, trust me. @Keli: Really, I want to know...what is the DEAL with Patrick Dempsey? I am mystified.

Invisible Woman said...

Qadree: that might have been the realest thing in the family did the "electric slide" for like 10 family reunions in a row :-(

The baby oil/belt scene is just as crazy as it sounds.

Qadree said...

I'm from Chicago, my family has doing the slide since before I was old enough to walk (back when it was the "bus stop"), but it's been over twenty years since I've seen a Soul Train line that wasn't on TV. (No offense to those that still do it)