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Monday, December 31, 2007

Alrighty Then.....

Okee dokee. Forget why the Wayans brothers are hanging out with New York. Forget why New York still has uncomfortable looking 60 pound boobage. Forget why on God's green earth that nerdball known as Tailor Made is attracted to them, or anything else attached to NY. Forget why Marlon looks like he is jonesin' for his next "fix" like Diana Ross in "Lady Sings The Blues". Forget why I am having a Chambord martini at 4am in the morning.

What I wanna know is: what is up with the Wayans' hairlines?

picture spotted on babes, bling, and booze

Update: Speaking of hair, there is enough here to feed a small African nation.....they might want to share some with the Wayans.

picture ganked from dlisted


Villager said...

(smile). I watched 3-4 of the I LOVE NEW YORK reality show episodes earlier this year. I must admit that I was surprised to learn that Tailor Made won. I thought that New York was hot-to-trot for Buddha. I guess he will become her booty-call brotha instead...

What ever became of the first fiancee that New York got from reality show last year? The guy with the oddball hat?

jamie said...

they all hav wacked out hairlines. i was soo disgusted by this foto i cude hardly function. they look sweaty and smelly...

DB said...

WHOAA!! i didn't even notice! they need to get like their brother Damon and Keenan and just cut it all off. in about a year them fools hair will be looking like George Jefferson.

Baby Please said...


Dayum. Tee hee hee. Is they tryna to a Stevie Wonder on us?

Dem chi chi's. Good Lord. They sho do look heavy. Next year she'll, no doubt, need back surgery or sumthin.

I haven't watched her on TV since -- and I admit it -- I did watch some of that season of Flavor of Love when she was on. Say whatchu wanna say about her -- but she always made me laugh.

I don't know the white dude, but I've heard of him.

Baby Please said...

Sorry, girl. This google/blogger thing be wearin me out. Half the time I can't tell if the comment published. LOL

Baby Please said...

LOL @ IW - African Nation

What's with the manes?

I'm partial to short hair.

Why everyone equate long hair with beauty? I'd love to see Bey with somethin' short and cute.

Okay - Ima hit the button ONE damn time. LOL.

Regina said...

Solange looks like a man in drag

Sincere said...

ha! lol @ a martini at 4am.. It's always happy hour somewhere!!!


@Villager, he kicked NY to the curb on the after NY show...they had to have a reason for NYII're on fire! Those baby Wayans are aging...and the hairlines are thinning and disappearin
And yes the knowles sisters have enough frontlace for an african nation!

We won't talk about how much they can get out of the pancake makeup they're wearing! I wish their make up artist would use the same lighting as the premieres, so they won't go out looking like Jasper the unfriendly ghosts!

HAPPY NEW YEAR IW, and I can't wait to hear more commentary from you on black cinema :)

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

Somebody help me to remember which Wayans sprayed their head with a can of black paint, to create a hairline?

Invisible Woman said...

@villager: sorry, I couldn't take this round of NY....all I knew was what I saw on the blogs, and trust, that was enough for me.

babyplease: don't worry about it lol! I do that all the time...the other bloggers probably think I have a problem when I leave comments

@jamie and db: you guys are hilarious...not George Jefferson!

@regina: sadly it is the best she's ever looked...

@sincere: anytime is martini time...if I could I'd have em for breakfast, haha :-)

@ivent: maybe it was the flashbulbs (tryna give them the benefit)

@coloredgirls: did they do that too? I know Jamie Foxx did.