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Tuesday, December 18, 2007



(part one)

John Singleton is set to direct a feature adaptation of "The A-Team".

Et tu, John?


(part 2, a.k.a. douche alert)

Jamie Foxx at his "40th" (for the third or fourth time) birthday party.


(part 3)

What is really going on, Jasmine? I need the truth, and I need it now.


(part 4)

"First Sunday" with Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, and Katt Williams. Forget just damn....just...why?

thanks celebrity blitz and undercover black man for nos. #1 and #4, respectively.


Slaus of O Hell Nawl said...

Gaaaaat Daaaaaaaamn!!! ( like smokey)

The fugg happened to Jasmine Guy!??? She is aging horribly!! she looks like a husk of her former self... dats sad.

- Jaime put some gat damn clothes on. You just wanan brag that you can see your feet. : rubs my belly :

- FIlm adaptation of The A team? this is why i only watch Independant Film CHannel. Im starting to truly hate holywood.

Danielle said...

This is a Mile of Bad Road right here. When are the remakes gonna die? Damn! I'm tired of the lack of creativity in H'Wood. John singleton is dead to me right about now.

Jamie looks like a jack ass and he needs to grow up. Jasmine looks like an escapee from a Leper colony & the Sunday franchise needs to die a quick painful death.

Damn Cube! What in the hell is wrong with you?

Saladin said...

Aww, man, I was eating and you hit me with that Jamie Foxx nastiness...

Flan no tastee so good any more...

Baby Please said...

A-Team - ** SMH ** Hollywood sucks ass. They do.

The only reason why Ima let Jasmine Guy slide for lookin like that is cuz they say she has lupus. I don't know if this is true or not.

Jamie Foxx is lacking what really only a few handful of men really and truly possess. You can be rich, handsome, nice, sexy, philanthropic, cool, trendy, blah blah but only a handful, a very small handful have that thing called class. It's very rare.

Poppa Was A Pimp said...

damn that jasmine guy pic breaks my heart! i'll always remember that fly girl from A Different World baby!

DB said...

why John Singleton would i want to see a movie of a show i didn't watch when i was little? and Jasmine guy is aging at a rapid pace.

KIKI said...

Not only is Jamie walkin round look all un-cooth...but why in da hell don't he have some drawls on!?!

And I wish somebody WOULD ask me if i wanna go see that A-Team crap...hell...the show wasn't all that great.

I'm definately going to catch First Sunday...just so I can get a good ass giggle off the sheer ignorance

Anonymous said...

Word has it Jasmine likes the brew a bit too much. Over doing it on the sauce can make you age faster.However if she really does have lupus she has to take really good care of her health. I wish her the best.

MsMarvalus said...

Jamie likes his pubes clean shaven I see...I don't think I needed to know that unless he was about to get at me...

clnmike said...

The A Team? I do noyt know if there should be a remake of that, but how the hell are you going to replace an icon like Mr.T? That alone makes it dead on arrival.

Jamie Foxx, well it's the brother's party he can do what he wants to, no?

Jasmine really has not aged well at all. But I am sure she can hire a maker up atrist.

Anonymous said...

The A-Team - needs not to be made over. Just let it replay on TVLand and call it a day Singleton.

Jamie - at least he waxed before the shot was taken.

Jasmine - let's all just say a prayer for Whitley.

First Sunday - looks like another heap of gutter trash.


straight from the peanut gallery said...

The A team needs to be left alone,And that pic of Jasmine she looks like a ghost,poor thing and jamie needs to put some g-dam clothes on....

Invisible Woman said...

@Slaus: Bellys need love too *smooches*

@danielle: jackass, douche--it's all the same, but just like Ms. M and Marcus said, at least he's a waxed douche! Now if he can wax that pube hair off his face....

@Saladin: I'll finish what you don't eat--flan=yum

@blackactor: I hope that's not true about Jasmine; I haven't heard that. Like Poppa said, it's best to remember her back in the day if she's gonna go out like that.

@darkbrotha, straight ftpg, and kiki: agreed about A-Team-that ish wasn't fly when it was on TV--who wants to see that s--t? And like clnmike said, who in the heck can replace Mr. T? Come on...
A-Team remake=Ass Suck

@anonymous: i think what's going on with jasmine is more likely limoncello martini heaven...

and kiki, you're on your own with "First Sunday"--I agree with marcus--hot garbage!

MrsGrapevine said...

Dog, how old is Jasmin Guy!

Invisible Woman said...

@MGV: too young to be looking like that....they are saying that the 40's are the new 30's, but in her case it's the new 60's!