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Thursday, December 20, 2007

OK, So Now I Get It....

I always wonder why Samuel Jackson takes on so many movie roles...I mean it can't be the it ego? An unquenchable lust for world dominating fame? A flaming desire to be in "The Guinness Book of World Records" for most acting roles ever by a single human being?

The answer is "no" to all. Mr. Jackson simply wants to try out new hair-dos. From AOL:

When you think about it, I can't think of any other actor who has had more hair changes on the big screen than Samuel L. Jackson. From his jheri curled look in 'Pulp Fiction' to bald head in 'Shaft' to his receding hairline and white hair in 'Black Snake Moan', Jackson is certainly game for anything. In one of his upcoming films, Jackson adds another hair style to his resume as he squares off against Hayden Christensen in Doug Liman's "Jumper".

From IW: The Historical Passage Of Samuel Jackson's Hair:

Sam's Jheri Curl in "Pulp Fiction" .

Sam's baldy in one of those Star Wars movies.

Sam's old man grey receding do in "Black Snake Moan".

His "Langston Hughes" in something I never heard of.

His widow's peak dready thing in...hmmm....I don't know this one either. I think it was "The Man".

His "fried, dyed, and laid to the side" in "Eve's Bayou".

The dreads in "Caveman's Valentine".

His "serious" hair in "Changing Lanes".

You get the idea...there are many, many, more, but that would take up pages of this blog's space. Not to mention the 8,000 Kangol caps he has (I think he has 50% stock in the company). We get it Sam, but there are only so many hairstyles a black man can do. Unless you are willing to do a full fledged tranny with Yaki #5, 18 inch, just give it a rest for a while, kay?

Update: How can I forget? Regina and LaJane reminded me of his "young Frederick Douglas" (lol!) in "Unbreakable":

And his long red ponytail (with braided and beaded beard) in "Jackie Brown":

11 comments: said...

LOL. I like when actors change their appearance. I was looking at Larenz Tate the other night. Dude always looks the same to me. I'm sayin.

clnmike said...

LOL, yeah he does like to flip it though. The first one was alright, more dignified.

Shelia said...

LOL, I think you might be on to something IW, HA!

Regina said...

So sad!! I am in tears over here! You didn't mention that wig he wore in "Unbreakable" that was a hot mess!
LOL! But you gotta give it up to this man for trying to be versatile!

LaJane Galt said...

REGINA that wig was "young Frederick Douglas"

You forgot the bald red ponytail w/ beard rattail in Jackie Brown.

Invisible Woman said...

@blackactor: I know! I always think the same thing about him too...I was LMBAO when in "Dead Presidents" they tried to make him look old and rundown with make-up...he looked like a kid in a costume, haha.

@shelia and clnmike--it is funny, but you know I'm right :-)

thanks Regina and LaJane, I'm slippin' could I forget that side-parted fright wig? And admittedly, all I could remember of him in Jackie Brown was his Kangol; I forgot about that atrocious ponytail!

KIKI said...

LMAO...You need to stop...ya'll leave ole Sam alone.

ok...ok...the do from Unbreakable was just unbearable...and the braided beard in Jackie Brown..I'm still tryin to figure out WTF that was all about.

MrsGrapevine said...

Damn is this a picture for every movie he has done. You have Samuel L gallery. :)

Chocl8t said...

LOL @ the Unbreakable hair! What a hot mess!

BTW, does he scream in his latest release?

straight from the peanut gallery said...

Yaki no.5 girl you crazy,LMBAO!I was jus lookin at his ass today in The Negotiator,with a low cut red one on!He might be hiding all that money in some offshore accounts or somethin.Just in case of divorce,you know people is breakin up these

Invisible Woman said...

@kiki: sometimes I think he does things like that cause he gets bored from the monotonous grind of making a movie a week...

@MGV: yeah, and it ain't pretty!

@sftpg: I wanted to use that one and the cornrows from 'Formula 51', but could not find a good internet pic....