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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today In B'Days

He of the fondness for open shirts, Gary Dourdan, is 41.

Mos Def, who used to be my 4th husband (now downgraded to 8th ex-husband) is 34.

Unrelated to black film, but I just felt like letting you know anyway: Jermaine (Greasy Raisin) Jackson is 53. Time to let the flat-top go.

Gary is in a film that played at the American Black Film Festival called "Black August", the story of imprisoned Black Panther and Angela Davis' boyfriend, George Jackson. For those of you not familiar with this bit of off the hook history, when our folks were true revolutionaries, you may want to give this one a rent. Angela Davis is played by somebody named Tina Marie Murray (?!).


Lance said...

thanks for sharing about "black august", i'll look for it.

i know this maybe a late post on the movie "american gangster" which i "finally" saw sunday morning AT THE THEATRE, no bootleg/downloads plz...

the movie was okay, take it or leave it, but the one person who impressed me the most and moved me emotionally was RUBY DEE. though her role was small, she hit the nail on the head with her character. i would hope she'll get a golden globe and/or oscar noms for best supporting actress. she's paid the dues and her acting is real.

Thembi said...

LMAO@Greasy Raisin.

Which reminds me, that California Raisin's Xmas jawn that's really the tempations singing Silent Night is the jumpoff... said...

@ lance

Hmmm. I didn't get that feeling at all from Ruby Dee. I was thinking more like she doin' what she always do. This is so funny. I definitely don't think she be nominated (or even thought of) for either. Yes; a tear or two; a few moments of dramatic intensity. I just figured she did her job. Funny. :)

Don't get me wrong. I like her, enough, I think. Admittedly, I haven't seen a lot of her work. But the last few things I've seen her in, she's just been bugging me. But I want to aquaint myself with her work; especially her early stuff.

re Black August. Sounds interesting.

If it wasn't a flat top, it would be be a jheri curl. Chile, he just a hot azz mess, however you cut it.

Speaking of jheri curl, I saw a woman with one this morning; a young woman. I fell out ROTFLMAO. Tee hee hee.

Chocl8t said...

Ooooo, Happy Birthday to Mr Dourden...oooo..(key the background music.)

Bom Chika Bom Bom

Regina said...

ROFLMBO!! "Jermaine (Greasy Raisin) Jackson"
That is hilarious!!!!!
I agree the flat top has got to go!


Danielle said...

Loves me some Mr. Dourdan. Ecclectic dude and very interesting person. I'll check out the film.

hottnikz said...

I'm glad this movie was made. His story should be heard. I finally had the opportunity to read his prison letters.

MrsGrapevine said...

He can keep it open all he wants.

PurpleZoe said...

Black August is definitely one to invest in. Thankyou for the heads up.

Marcus Langford Is The Name said...

Um yeah...why is Jermaine Jackson 53-years old and still rockin' a wavy curl? Him and Ronald Isley need to just cut that down a bit...keep up with the latest trends in short hair cuts.


Invisible Woman said...

@Lance: I agree, AG was okay entertainment, but I won't remember much in 5 years. It's a shame that Ruby's 90 second performance stood out so much, that says a lot about the rest of the film...I agree with black actor on that one.

@Thembi: i was in a store the other day and heard that and also their version of Rudoplh the Rednosed Raindeer and thought "why the f--k haven't i noticed how bangin these songs were before?" I mean I've heard them all my life and never paid attention...better late than never, i guess.

black actor: somebody is rockin a jheri curl in 2007? Damn.

chocl8te: darn you--now I can't get that sound out of my head!

@Regina and Marcus--he is about 10 years overdue...

@hottnikz, danielle and PZ: this is what I mean about black film...when there is something different for our community to see, it can't get distribution cause the subject matter is too strong and real. Please do give it a rent to support...

@MGV: there is usually a bit too much flash there going on for me--lol!

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

Gary Dourdan should just stop wearing shirts. ;-)