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Monday, January 14, 2008

This N' That

Posting is going to be spotty for the rest of the month; I've been splitting time between here (San Francisco) and Los Angeles, and am making a permanent move to LA this month. There will be a lot of real life drudgery which will impede a bit on blogging.

Anyhoo....watched the first 25 minutes of "First Sunday", and struggled to even do that, as I wanted to have an informed opinion by watching the whole thing. I didn't make it tho, and HATED. EVERY. SINGLE. SOLITARY. SECOND. of this movie. They should make watching this a requirement in Hell for murderers, rapers, and molesters. It is that painful to watch.

I had to stop watching, cause I was really starting to hate Ice Cube, too, for continuing to make some of the most horrible s--t I've ever seen. I realize that Sergio is a classy guy, and was being kind in his review. I, however, feel absolutely no need to do so. For a review more aligned with how I feel about this dreck, click here. Oh, and Cube...the new beard? Hate that too!

"First Sunday" did finish in second place tho, with $19 mil, right after the "Bucket List", which to my surprise came in at #1. My geriatric 4th husband, Morgan Freeman, has alas become even too geriatric for me, and is now an ex-husband. But I am glad he is still doing well and still bankable. A blog that I read called "News As Gossip" had a funny blurb about the movie:

Hey elderly people! If you're in the mood to smile weakly, then walk - don't run - to see "The Bucket List!" Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two guys who never saw the NBC show "Thirty Good Years" where two older men decide to do everything they were never able to do in life. The film is inspirational - Like me, you'll be inspired to die before the ending.

FYI, "The bucket list" refers to a list of things to do before you die, and not a list of actual buckets, which would have been more exciting.

Oh, and if it makes things even more enticing - in the movie, both of these guys have terminal cancer.

From IW: OK, that's kinda mean, but that's why I like that blog. For those of you looking for a palate cleanser after "First Sunday", you might want to check this movie out below. I received this email from Sergio today:


'I've just come from a screening of "How She Move" which Paramount Vantage is releasing on Jan. 25. Believe me, just when you think there's no more hope for black films this gem comes along to put your faith back in it. (No surprise it's Canadian movie not American).

Sure you've seen the story before 1000 times (It takes from Flashdance, West Side Story and 20 other films) and you know the plot points well before they happen, [but] it's really well made and written, great cinematography and well acted.

Also I can't remember the last time I've seen so many dark skinned women in a movie and not one Alicia Keys type or mixed one in the bunch. Then again the director is not black but an Indian based in London, Ian Iqbal Rashid.'

From IW: Interesting. And last but not least don't forget to vote for me for Blogger's Choice on the sidebar; you can vote once a day, every day, until it's over, so make it like your daily routine--brush teeth, take vitamins, vote for my blog! haha


asha vere said...

I'm clearly older than the demographic they're targeting, but I am fascinated every time I see the commercials for How She Move.

Now that I see that somebody else has seen it and has a good report, maybe I won't feel so bad and actually will go to see it.

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing about How She Move. After looking over the upcoming releases 2008 I wasn't feeling too optimistic. And exactly how many husbands/ex-husbands do you have?

Regina said...

Well, I'm glad someone bit the bullet and went to see this. i was not feeling another "dance/step/stomp" movie!
So when it hits walmart I may check it out.

Invisible Woman said...

Don't look for a review anytime soon here y'all-I'm still gonna wait for the DVD. And I actually like to see the dancing.

Yobachi said...

How she move, really? Who wrote that review you quoted, a 15 year old.

I mean they just made this same movie a couple of years ago starring Jessica Alba, and I didn't wnat to see that one; so I diffenitely have no interest in a Candian remake.

Invisible Woman said...

All I know is it HAS to be better than First Sunday!

Invisible Woman said...

Oh and nicole----I have many husbands and exes! (with more to come)

Thembi said...

Am I bougie for objecting "How She Move" just based on the grammatical incorrectness of the title? If so just call me Whitley Gilbert.

Invisible Woman said...

OK Whitley! :-)