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Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend BO

Here's some weekend box office tallies (thanks, Sergio!):


January 25–27, 2008 Studio Estimates

1) Meet the Spartans Fox $18,725,000

2) Rambo LGF $18,150,000

3) 27 Dresses Fox $13,600,000 Total: $45,347,000

4) Cloverfield Par. $12,700,000 Total: $64,294,000

5) Untraceable S Gem $11,200,000

6) Juno Fox $10,300,000 Total: $100,152,000

7) The Bucket List WB $10,210,000 Total: $57,684,000

8) There Will Be Blood Par V $4,887,000 Total: $14,764,000

9) National Treasure: Book of Secrets BV $4,664,000 Total: $205,421,000

10) Mad Money Overbrook $4,610,000 Total: $15,284,000

11) Alvin and the Chipmunks Fox $4,550,000 Total: $204,159,000

12) How She Move ParV $4,158,000

From IW: Sucks for "How She Move". Guess folks are tired of the fomula. Also sucks for Queen Latifah and "Mad Money", but let's be real, that formula was over in the 80's.


Yobachi said...

Queen Latif already did Mad Money, it was called Set It Off and I saw it back in ’96. Really, this movie has the same premise, except her cohorts are just uppity white women instead of around the way girls from the hood. I’ll take the hood version cause at least it had guns.

Though as I said in comments to one of your post, I have no interest in seeing the remake of Jessica Alba’s Honey(in which I had no interest in seeing to begin with); but due to a factor you or somebody pointed out about it staring a chocolate brown girl and a cast of Black folks I was kind of rooting for it. Not enough to spend my money and sit for two hours and watch that fake stepping myself; but as long as fools are going to keep paying for that kind of thing; it might as well be this one as opposed to Step Up 2 where white people again appropriate our culture.

Hey, I'm intersted in what you think about my analysis of the SAG Awards: said...

People still care about Rambo?!

Qadree said...

The "angry asian man" made a few observations about Rambo. I know it's not black cinema, but the issues are still the same.

MrsGrapevine said...

Juno is the only movie on this list I want to see.

The Obenson Report said...

A reader of my blog called me "sad" and "ignorant" for "hating" on "How She Move." I compared it to several other similar movies (You Got Served, Stomp The Yard, etc)... he/she apparently didn't like that, and let me know quite eloquently. I love getting those types of comments :o)

There's a reason why LionsGate didn't screen "Rambone" for critics. It sucks and they knew it! But, it still nabbed $18 mill.

Side note on The Bucket List: I was listening to a recent program on NPR on the state of black cinema - although it was an older clip. The commentator stated that for his 30+ years in the business and 60+ films, he's had just 1 onscreen kiss! ONE!!!! I smell a new blog topic :o)

The Obenson Report said...

RE My above post - point #3 (Bucket List)... I was talking about Morgan Freeman. Realized I left out his name.

idk... said...

I took my God Daughter to the movies Sat and surprisingly she wanted to see 27 dresses.... (she's 8 btw) but it was actually a pretty good movie if you like chick flicks... and im a greys anatomy fan so it wasnt to hard to sit through

Regina said...

I am so mad at 1 and 2! All I can say about either of those is WHY, WHY, WHY!!
Mad Money is not at all worth me going to see first of all Set It Off was hot (For back then) so why redo it and who would beleive that Diane Keaton is stealing stuff, she is not even beleivable as an actress let alone a theif!
And lastly, I am so tired of dance/stomp movies, where is the originality in movies today?? You seen 1, 5,7 dance movies , you've seen them all!

Shelia said...

There's very little that has called me to the theatre in the last 5-7 years.

I did, however, go and see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I loved the first one and this one did not disappoint. Plus I'm a Nicolas Cage fan.

I can wait until the bucket list is on HBO.

HotSauce!! said...

I saw the bucket list, and that is a wonderful movies, and friendship and living life to the fullest. Morgan freeman is such a steller black actor. he makes me smile with his weird dimples

Invisible Woman said...

Hey Yobachi: I gotta agree with you on those two statements. I will come visit your blog today and leave my 2 cents.

@the black actor: I know! That was the one that floored me. I never imagined it would open so well. Wgat a huge statement on what the ticket buying audience will go for.

Thanks qadree: I'll check that out today

@TAO--you know, I have been wanting to do a post about that since I started this blog, so it's funny you should mention that. But unlike you, theblackactor and qadree, I am a slacker sometimes about research, but I think it's verry worthy of just tackling the subject. I am definitely getting to it. Poor Morgan, I guess it's too late now. :-(

@idk: I think movies like those are really made for tv fans of the actor's shows. It's all very harmless.

Invisible Woman said...

@Regina 100% agreed, girl. But I must admit, I enjoy watching the moves, only I wait for HBO or DVD.

@shelia: really? Cause I did enjoy the first one, and I like Nic Cage (tho that is dwindling a bit), but that 2nd one looked painful. Maybe I'll check it out now.

@hotsuace!! Me loves me some Morgan, but I don't think even he can get me to see that one--lol!

dc_speaks said...

I enjoyed the 1st National Treasure movie so I'll check it out. Im amazed at how much alvin and the chipmunks has made. geeeez

I did want First Sunday to keep doin' well even though they are only being shown on 1500 screens now.

excellent post, ma'am!

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks DC. I also never expected that Chipmunk movie to do so well. It's safe to say I'll never find out why, cause I will never see it!