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Thursday, January 17, 2008

What May Be My Final "This N' That"

At least on "Blogger". A Negress steps away from her blog for one day and all hell breaks blog was down for most of the day today, and I didn't even know it until sweetie pie Mrs. Grapevine pulled my coat and sent me an email. WTF? I was already thinking of going to a new platform, but didn't care for Wordpress; it's like a sign. Look for me somewhere else as soon as next week.

Anyhoo, I'll try to keep my mind off of the temptation to walk to the Blogger offices (they're near me) and also off of that coony-ass coon (as Slaus put it) Bob Johnson and that stupid BS he said about Obama and Clinton, and talk about about Black Cinema (and me).

On The Black Hand Side has a new feature for 2008--interviewing various Black Bloggers once a week. I was featured this week (#3), along with past weeks bloggers Sheila and Yobachi. It is an interesting way to find out why your bloggers blog, and how they feel about the Black Blogosphere. Check Vanessa's site out when you get a chance.

I try to make you aware of any special Black Film marathons, etc. on cable when I can. I've been missing a few lately, but I'll be up to speed starting next month. In the meantime, Sergio (thank you!) made me aware of this very, very special happening on Monday; PLEASE check it out if you care anything about good Black Cinema---if you don't have TCM, have someone tape it for you:


Turner Classics Movies network is devoting an entire evening (5 hours worth) to the films of filmmaker Charles Burnett Monday Jan. 21 (including 'Killer of Sheep' and 'My Brother's Wedding') with Burnett between screenings being interviewed and discussing his films. The entire program of films will be repeated again late into the night

Click on link:

Yeah I know why isn't BET doing this? For that matter neither is TV One.

From IW: BET is beyond hope, but at least TV One does try.

In other news (thanks again Sergio), first Spike Lee is accused of not paying his folkses, and now some dude is saying he stole his script. To be fair, the dude "owns a commercial cleaning company and a hip-hop record business". In Louisville, Kentucky. And a script writer too? Interesting. To get the full story, click here:

And last but not least, I will be doing a Black Bloggers Roundtable podcast on Black Cinema with my fellow cinemafiles Tambay from The Obenson Report, Qadree from Culture Critical, and The Black Actor. More on that later, but it will be February 4th.

OK. I'm hungry, gonna go---will post tomorrow if my s--t is up!

eddie picture ganked from rws



Girl, I couldn't finish my sentence when talkig to my son-when I saw Eddie's 'beard' ROFLMBO

oh and you've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

there are alot of people leaving and creating their own website..the only reason im staying is because im cheap :-)

Thembi said...

IW, I was freaking out, because I came back from my hiatus yesterday and thought for a second that you were gone for real.

Are you asking to be beatin with this Johnny Gill mess? I'm totally with you - this whole affair smells of Astroglide and Johnny Gil's man scent.

Slaus of O Hell Nawl said...

Cooney-azz coon.

I swear INvisible this is one of my favourite damn blogs ever hun. I stalk you/it daily.

Regina said...

Next time please post a warning above your pictures! Thanks to you and Johnny Gill I just spit water all over my desk calander and my key board (the hazards of reading blogs at work huh!)

Thanks for the mess, huh, laugh!

The Obenson Report said...

Was on my way to request that you tell your readers about Charles Burnett's TCM engagement next week, but I see someone else beat me to it.



MsMarvalus said...

Girl, I just spit my coke all over my desk! That pic of JG is just wrong!

I was over yesterday and was like, "WTF?!" when I got the error message...I knew you were 10 times more aggravated than I...

Any way, that just goes to show you that we LUV you girl!

Invisible Woman said...

Dang it Ivent!

*goes to collect punishment*

@bateman e: I am chesp too, but my piece of mind id worth more.

@thembi: u r so funny! but now u know how it feels to go to someone's blog and they're not around...(sorry, had to get that dig in, haha!)

If there's anyone I would want stalking me, it would be you, Slaus---lol ;-)

Sorry Regina...I had the same reaction, tho...

MS. M: that was the one positive side, is that folkses missed me...awwwww....shucks

@TAO: thanks for thinking of me; if you have anything else just please let me know...

MrsGrapevine said...

I saw that you fixed everything later that night, but I was packing a didn't get the leave my comments. Have you found your new platform?

MrsGrapevine said...

I didn't even notice the pictures. I read all the comments thinking what picture. I'm so use to Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill together that I didn't even notice. It just look so natural.

Invisible Woman said...

hi mgv.

i know, the comments were down a couple folks told me.


i think it may be typepad, cause i don't care for wordpress...they aren't compatible with some things, tho....any suggestions?

btw, that picture does look very natural, huh? lol

that's a shame.