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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random Movie News...

From Filmwad:

"News is slow following Oscar Sunday, but deals are still being made out there. The latest is that Max Thieriot, Bow Wow, Evan Ross, Chi McBride and Gabrielle Anwar have been recruited to co-star in Driving Lessons, a black comedy directed by newcomer Vivi Friedman.

The rather complicated plot, according to The Hollywood Reporter, reads as follows:

Thieriot (Kit Kittredge) will play the religious, right-wing teenage son of Bunnie (Hope Davis), a woman given a second chance at her unhappy marriage to Jack (Dermot Mulroney) after losing her memory. It conveniently helps her forget an interracial affair with her burly next-door neighbor Simon (McBride).

Selma Blair will play a sarcastic lesbian high school teacher having an affair with a student (Madeline Zima). Anwar will play Jack's sexy, power-crazed co-worker, and Brittany Robertson is cast as his sexually adventurous daughter.

Ross will play Simon's son, and actor-rapper Bow Wow and Jermaine Williams will play wannabe thugs who complicate everyone's lives. John Patrick Amedori also stars. "

From IW: Huh?


Yobachi said...

Yeaaaah...Sounds really wack!

Danielle said...

LMAO! It just keeps getting better and better IW. I mean, with genius films like this, we'll just keep on a risin' to the top won't we? Look out Hollywood! Here we come!

Invisible Woman said...

@Yobachi: I would agree, but I can't even tell what it's about!

@danielle: I'm satyin home--I'll meet you when you get back! haha

Danielle said...

IW You know my sarcasm knows no bounds because that's what my post was. LOL!

Invisible Woman said...

Girl, I knew you were being silly ;-)