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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Terrence Watch! Part 11

Wow. My Terrence has been veeeery quiet these days. I guess he's been too busy with his Broadway play "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" for any shenanigans.

He did take time out to lecture at Temple University in a pimp suit from the Ving Rhames/Stacy Adams collection, though. Very appropriate attire for lecturing, I'd say.

pic from c&d


darkbrotha said...

it seems like he may go along the same route that Jaime Foxx took. Foxx was really hot after "Ray", and then fizzled out by taking some wack roles in horrible movies. he should know that he needs to keep working to stay relevant. not at the rate of Samuel L., but at least to keep his buzz warm.

have you noticed that this dude can cry on film with the best of them. i rate him up there with Cuba and Demi Moore.

btw, my Ving Rhames(sp) Stacy Adams pimp suit is on order. i went with the canary yellow joint. what you think IW?

darkbrotha said...

wait a minute! is that a long cigarette holder like the old rich chick from the Flinstones used to have?!? thats kinda gay (not that theres anything wrong with it).

thechocl8tdiaries said...

This dude is just whack. Uuuggghhh

Danielle said...

ewwwwwww. What happened Terence?

Nic said...

He has some really long fingers.

Invisible Woman said...

@ db: I think he has a while to go before he gets anywhere near Cuba territory, Jamie on the other hand, is a different story.

Send me a pic when you are wearing that suit with the matching yellow gators and brim! I know yall get down like that in the O, the Ohio Players were called that for a!

at first I thought that was a cigarette holder too, but even he couldn't be that crass. I think it's actually a lecturing pointer...can you imagine?

@chocl8t: you'll get no argument from this blog...

@danielle: he has the Allen Payne syndrome; 85% loss of sexy.

@nic: considering his limited endowments, I guess we can put to rest the old wives tale of what they say about a man with long fingers...haha.

Nic said...

@iw: You had to go there didn't you? LOLOL!!!

And his acting choices of late could be attributed to the fact that he told the Temple students that, and I quote, "I do not like acting". He said he started acted because he then girlfriend got pregnant and he needed a way to make some "quick" money. Ok.

And he said that he didn't want the Oscar for Hustle & Flow b/c he did'nt like the lyrics of the songs used in the movie. He's against lyrics like that.

I thought, how convenient for him to be "against" the lyrics, AFTER he didn't win the Oscar. LOLOL!!!

Sincere said...

wassup with the straw? I wonder if he's explaining his theory on baby wipes... hmmm lol

Invisible Woman said...

@sincere: so THAT'S what that is! lol! I could not make heads or tails of it--you never know with Terrence.

Invisible Woman said...

@nic: somebody said he even wanted to perform the song at the Oscars, but his handlers advised him against it---he is so full of s**t

Professor Tracey said...

he is so nutty! It's such a turn-off. He did want to perform that horrible rap song at the grammys. It was Denzel Washington and Spike Lee that told him that it would be a major mistake. This guy makes me sorry that he ever blew up.

nic said...

@professor tracey: I think Will Smith told him not to perform it too. I guess it made him made because he told Eva Longoria what they said and then she opened her mouth and told it to some British magazine.