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Sunday, February 3, 2008

This N' That

Note: Please forgive spelling errors as Blogger spellcheck is not working, and I am the world's worst speller.

Hope you guys are having a good's Super Sunday so I know I won't be seeing a lot of you until tomorrow, haha. I was a chosen blogger by Nielsen to rate the Superbowl commercials...tho I come from a football lovin' family, it's never been my thing (I like to watch the puppy bowl), but the commercials are always a big discussion in the public for the past few years, so it might be anybody else doing this rating? Let me know....

Billary and Obama's camp were in Cali over the weekend for rallys, Hill in San Francisco and Ted Kennedy with one of the women I absolutely adore, Representative Barbara Lee across the bridge in Oakland for Obama. I noticed that when Hillary speaks now, it is so overly careful and heavily modulated...extremely unatural. It's like somebody told her "try to speak calmly the way Obama does". You can see her concentrating so hard to keep a level oration that you can't even focus on what she's saying, and the long pauses between words don't help. I wonder how many people she's fooling with that mess.

Normally I try to go to as many film festivals as I am able, both Black and non-black. While looking at the advance program for The San Francisco Independent Film Festival there was not ONE black film featured. WTF? To me that is just blatant "we don't give a f--k, and we don't care if you know it" and I cannot support an independent film festival with zero diversity. One reader, I forget who it was, said that Black film festivals are pretty much useless as far as getting your film distributed, but the white ones are where all the money is made. At this point in time, regretfully I would have to tend to agree, so it's extra f'd up that we get no love at fests like these. There was ONE six minute preview short about some rap group from Oakland. That figures. There was one film out of like 25 that featured a person of color, a Dominican kid from Brooklyn. If you would like to call the film festival on their BS (which I think is very important we start doing) click HERE, and tell director/founder Jeff Ross about himself and the policies of his festival. If you care about Black film and how we are represented, these are the things we need to do.

Anyway, over at BygBaby's blog, I found out about a film called "Touissant", which is being directed by Danny Glover about the infamous former leader of Haiti. Don Cheadle plays Touissant, and it co-stars Mos Def, Chiwetel Eljiofor, Angela Bassett, and my favorite wierdo, Roger Guenveur Smith. I see that Jonathan Rhys Myers is getting top billing, so I hope it's not another one of 'our stories' told by some YT's perspective once again....I would like those to go away for a while, imho.

Speaking of opinions, I will be giving mine (of which I have many, haha) along with Qadree from Culture Critical, The Black Actor, and Mr. Obenson on his podcast "The Obenson Report" tomorrow, Monday, at 9pm EST. We will be discussing all things Black Cinema, of course. If you want the info, click here.

And finally, some things I see I want to post here; alas they are not fitting with the content of this blog, but I could not resist this one. Someone seems to be keeping company with Jasmine Guy in the club of "aging rapidly and not well":

The party's over, Pam, please read the memo in it's entirety.


ave said...

In Jeff's defense, The San FRancisco Black Film Festival is co-presenting two Black filmsduring SF IndieFest:

Fri Feb 8, 930p
Sun Feb 10, 1230p
Victoria Theater, 2961 16th St at Mission

Set in and around the cities of Oakland and San Francisco, 2ND VERSE documents the lives of several teenagers as they prepare for and participate in the biggest moment of their lives: the 8th annual Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam Competition. “Slam” is a dynamic form of competitive poetry that falls somewhere between hip-hop and Robert Frost. Brown follows youth as they struggle with their lives, using poetry as a possible savior.


Sun Feb 10, 715p
Tue Feb 12, 5p
Victoria Theater, 2961 16th St at Mission

“Sliding Liberia' follows four young surfers to Liberia in search of more than perfect waves. Risking everything to explore the West African country devastated by decades of war, they record the stories of people they meet—people like Alfred, who became Liberia's first surfer after finding a bodyboard while fleeing from rebels. Besides rediscovering a break that could be the best-kept secret in the surfing world, they find something more important—a way to travel responsibly in the 21st century.

Dont't forget to check out the San Francisco lack Film Festival in June. June 4-8 and June 11-15.

Ave Montague
San Francisco Black Film Festival

Invisible Woman said...

Thank you Ave for leaving that great information, and I'm glad that the SFBFF was included on some level, but why make the films a side attraction? And why was there no mention of them in the programs?

The secondary and non-exsistent positions we continue to have are too huge problem for me to just brush aside and accept crumbs.

On another note, I will definitely hype your festival when it comes up...our invisibility is why festivals like yours are so necessary.

Sincere said...

hey! that pic of Billary and Obama is funny as hell!! they weren't lying when they said a pic is worth a thousand words! she has that 'I should kick your a$$' look! said...

IW: Thanks for letting us know about this (SF Film Festival). This is why there are black film festivals, like black media. If we don't have it, our stories wouldn't be told.

As for Pam Anderson - she needs to let it go. She is not a woman of 20. She's aging badly and looks a hot mess without her makeup. LOL

"See you" tonight.

MsMarvalus said...

I didn't even notice Hillary's face in that pic...HIL-LAR-IOUS!!!


Invisible Woman said...

@sincere and ms.m: that is some serious side eye, right?

@blackactor: great meeting you tonight tho it was short and sweet!


Dang, Hill-ary-ous is giving some serious side-eye action towads Obama!! lol

Yes, from the fried hair to the eye bags, loss of elasticity in her face, and boobs that are breaking down-Pam needs to get with magician she was working with in LV and ask him to make her behind DISAPPEAR...POOF-PRESTO!

Invisible Woman said...

Isn't that side eye deadly? As far as Pam, she definitely needs to rethink things. Whay not keep it dignified and just produce? Some people are SO addicted to attention, they can never let it go. (Can anyone say OJ?)