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Friday, February 1, 2008

Tony Soprano And Gaye....

From Filmwad:

James Gandolfini is set to produce and co-star with Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) in "Sexual Healing", a biopic about late Motown singer Marvin Gaye. Gandolfini will play Freddy Cousaert, Gaye's manager and "the promoter who guided the singer through the recording of his biggest-selling album, 'Midnight Love.'"

Lauren Goodman is directing from the script she wrote loosely based on the book "Trouble Man" by Steven Turner. Principal photography is slated to begin on April 15th on location in Massachusetts, Ostend, Belgium, and LA.

From IW: Now that should be interesting.

FOLKSES! I almost forgot...I was gonna post this reminder, but Undercover Black Man had to remind me--don't forget to watch "Blackout" tonight on BET (if you're not boycotting, that is, lol). It stars Zoe Saldana, Jeffery Wright, and Jamie Hector who plays Marlo on The Wire. 8pm.


The Obenson Report said...

Indeed! Glad they went for an "Actor" and not necessarily a "star" in Jesse L Martin. Looking forward to learning more as it all develops.

Invisible Woman said...

lmao at the ever changing avatar....guess I'll just check them out as they come that one, reminds me of a 60's Black author like James Baldwin :-)

Anyhoo, I am not really familiar with his acting as I don't watch L&O, but I know who he is. I am looking forward to seeing him in a theatrical production, tho. said...

Now this might be something to look forward to. I've seen this guy a few times (I've watched pieces of Law and Order about half a dozen times) and I like him.

It was a smart choice, anyway; he does resemble Marvin Gaye.

Regina said...

I've seen him occasionally (L&O and Alley McBeal) I hope this works for him.

I'm boycoting BET so you'll have to tell me about it!

The Obenson Report said...

@ I.W. - glad you're amused by the ever-changing avatars. I'll keep'em coming!

Also, since it seems that most aren't aware of Jesse L Martin's work, it's worth noting that he started his career in theatre, and has done at least 2 Broadway shows. He's most known for his role in the Broadway smash, "Rent," for which he was one of the original cast members.

Invisible Woman said...

@tba: he does definitely favor, and from what TAO says, he can sing too

@regina: where I am now there is no BET,(not that I would have noticed if not for this movie). The DVD comes out on Tuesday tho, so you can see it that way.

@TAO: ya know, know that you mention it, I think I remember seeing him in pictures for that play. I was living in NY at the time.

Lola Gets said...

Whooo thats a nice picture of Martin!


Nicole said...

James Gandolfini is set to produce and co-star with Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) in "Sexual Healing", a biopic about late Motown singer Marvin Gaye.

James Gandolfini is producing? Huh? I'd watch anyway bc it's Jesse and I LOVE Jesse. Please warn me next time before you go throwing up pics of him looking all hot chocolatey. said...

@ Obenson

Thanks for that. I didn't know.

Danielle said...

I'm looking forward to this one.

Invisible Woman said...

@lola and nicole: hot choclatety is right!

@danielle: I wanna see this too--I read the book.

Yobachi said...

They're summarizing Marvin Gaye's life up as being about "Sexual Healing"? That pisses me off!

Why don't they just stick with "Trouble Man", that perfectly describes him. Or if you want to go with another appropriate song title, "Makes Me Want To Holler".

If they’re going to make this movie all about his sexcapades, I won't go see it. I don't need to see Marvin Gaye soft porn; that's not why I listen to his music.

Invisible Woman said...

Yobachi: I agree 1,003%...when I saw the title I must admit I wasn't happy. "Trouble Man" would have been infinitely better. Or even "Make Me Wanna Holla"