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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blogging For Justice

I know I have some new in case you didn't know, sometimes I go on a political bend. It is too much a part of my nature not to. I was a member of the Bloggers For Justice For The Jena Six, and am part of the Afrosphere Action Coalition.

I know some of my political subject matter may not appeal to all who visit here; if not, I understand. Just scroll on down. :-) Back to normal business tomorrow. For the others, today is another day of Blogging for Justice with my fellow Black blogging brothers and sisters.

This is a non-Hillary zone, I'm sure you must have noticed by now. The fact that she tried to get MI and FL to redo their primaries was tantamount to a spoiled child throwing a fit in my opinion. She was the only one on the ballot! The politrickin' of her "considering Obama" to be Vice President was almost laughable in it's unadulterated arrogance.

So dear readers, I am in solidarity today with my Afrospear and Afrosphere on:

Day of Blogging For Voter Justice

The Democratic presidential nomination is over! The VOTERS have spoken. Senator Clinton cannot win by legitimate means as has noted.

Yet, in Hillary Clinton’s undying personal ambition she has endorsed the other party’s candidate over her own democratic teammate, and has conducted a scorched earth campaign of ‘if I can’t be the president, no Democrat will’.

We are asking our readers who do not want to see four more years of Bush/Cheney in the person of John “100 more years in Iraq” McSame to do three things:

2. Make contact with the DNC, and even Hillary Clinton’s office to let them know your stance. It can be as simple as sending an email with a link to the petition, saying that this is your stance; or whatever you want it to be.

3. Contact superdelegates that represent you with the same message. Superdelegates include democratic congressmen and governors.

The Democratic National Committee:

Mailing Address:Democratic National Committee430 S. Capitol St. SE Washington, DC 20003
Main Phone Number:202-863-8000

For their email form, go here

For Hillary Clinton’s contact information, go here

From the Afrosphere Action Coalition press release:

The Afrosphere Action Coalition (AAC) is circulating an online petition to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), to super-delegates, and calling upon Senator Hillary Clinton to “face the reality of the earned delegates count, concede defeat, and thereby contribute to healing a wound which is opening and continues to widen” in the Party. Therefore, the AAC is sponsor “Day of Blogging for Voter Justice.”

As the nomination contest for the Democratic nomination wears on, Senator Hillary Clinton insist on waging an increasingly divisive campaign; throwing the “kitchen sink” at Senator Barack Obama, dismissing democratic voters as in consequential in those states with large Black populations, in small states, or in what she regards as “red states”. In fact, Clinton discounts every state that she fails to win.

Behind in the earned delegate count and the popular vote, “Clinton’s desperate political tactics threaten to split the long-standing Democratic Party coalition.” “We utterly reject Senator Clinton’s endorsement of the other party’s candidate’s; an act which unprecedented.” If she cannot win enough earned delegates under the current process, “Clinton seeks self-serving rules changes or to win in a smoke-filled room.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 2008 Democratic National Committee Convention Chair, states that “If the votes of the Super-Delegates overturn what’s happened in the elections, it would be harmful to the Democratic Party.” (New York Times)

The Afrosphere Action Coalition concurs and therefore calls upon the DNC, super-delegates and Hillary Clinton to “end her relentless war against established Party principles and constituencies and concede defeat in the nominating process.”

If Democrats are going to act like republicans and steal elections from the voters, then what’s the point of voting for democrats?

Story behind the story: The Clinton myth


One big fact has largely been lost in the recent coverage of the Democratic presidential race: Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance of winning.

Her own campaign acknowledges there is no way that she will finish ahead in pledged delegates. That means the only way she wins is if Democratic superdelegates are ready to risk a backlash of historic proportions from the party’s most reliable constituency.

Unless Clinton is able to at least win the primary popular vote — which also would take nothing less than an electoral miracle — and use that achievement to pressure superdelegates, she has only one scenario for victory. An African-American opponent and his backers would be told that, even though he won the contest with voters, the prize is going to someone else.

People who think that scenario is even remotely likely are living on another planet.
Read the rest of the article

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Villager said...

It is wonderful to see the outpouring of energy around the blogosphere today as part of the Day of Blogging for Voter Justice.

For those of your blog readers that have not done so already ... please consider taking part in the Day of Blogging for Voter Justice on Tuesday, March 25. You can do so by posting something on your blog ... or you can comment on posts from other participating bloggers.

1. Sign the Petiton.

2. Sign as a Participating Blogger so that we can have comprehensive list to share with everyone after today's efforts.

3. If you have time or inclination, drop by to View my post in support of Voter Justice.

peace, Villager

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Invisible Woman said...

@villager: thanks for that...@alperen: you're welcome :-)