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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For Those With Script Ideas....

For those of you out there that have script ideas out there, but don't know the proper format, or don't have the time or money for a class, there is help. My fellow blogger solshine had this post:


I just wanted to share how happy I am with my new Movie Magic Screenwriter program!

I got it in the mail earlier this month and I'm enjoying figuring out all the little shortcuts and transferring my screenplays into proper professional format. It truly makes screenwriting easier because like they advertised, you can focus on the writing instead of the mechanics.

It's exhilarating to be one step closer to finalizing my scripts and then sending them out to agents and some select producers and actors I have in mind.

My scripts range from character-driven dramas to family films to science fiction tales. Since those are my favorite genres it makes sense that my writing would reflect that. In the future I hope to tackle some romantic comedies because I like those too but I already have a full load of scripts to transfer to Movie Magic so I'll be holding off on that for a bit.

Screenwriting is such an exciting and challenging venture. It takes lots of patience, persistence and tons of creativity. But most importantly it takes the courage to sit down and put those God-given big ideas on paper knowing that the 1st draft isn't going to be perfect and to keep refining the story draft by draft until it is finely chiseled.


Danielle said...

What a great resource. I'm not writing a script, but I'm passing this info along to a few folks I know.

Thanks IW

justjudith said...

i use final draft. just upgraded but i might look into switching in a coupla years :)

focusedpurpose said...

hi there-

i am happy to hear your voice again. i have missed you.

interesting post. thanks!


Invisible Woman said...

@danielle: I think it's a good idea for so many folks...

@jj: I am just now learning about these resources---I probably could have written a script years ago---I always wondered how so many regular folks would come up with these screenplays.

thank you focused purpose: it is always so wonderful to have your positive voice around!