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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He's Not The Second Coming, But....

I've been reading this book on the spiritual laws of prosperity. I was grabbed by one particular passage today....I guess it's because I have been thinking so much about politics lately:

"This is the most enlightened age the world has ever known. It has been stated that more progress has been made on this planet in the past one hundred years than in the past ten thousand years! Jesus promised that, when the Spirit Of Truth is come, it would guide us into all truth. This is the age when the truth about God, man, and the universe is being explored and revealed as never before."

IW: I'm not super religious or anything, but Amen. I think Obama is part of this awakening; he has a consciousness and conscientiousness like no politician I've ever seen. I wish him well on his journey, and no matter how things turn out, he has given politics the much needed shake it has deserved for way too long--and as a result has put many a perpetrator under the microscope for the fools and/or hypocrites that they are.


Omyword! said...

You know...I lurk here all the time because I am a pasty white girl who knows nothing about black cinema, but I like your writing. :-)

I so appreciate this post because I'm not religious either, but I believe that humankind is involved in an evolutionary process towards higher consciousness, and I am always hopeful that this evolution speeds up a bit.

I keep my eyes open for those who set good examples of inclusion, versus exclusion, and who can rise above pettiness, and while still honoring everybody's voice, they gently push us towards being better human beings, both as individuals and as a community.

I am somewhat of a cynic. And what is cynicism but an emotional cover-up of a wounded hopeful soul. So, inside I hope for Barack to be the person I think he is, and on the outside I remain skeptical. May we be delighted with what we learn.

aulelia said...

IW, I have been absolutely astonished as to the media circus that has surrounded Obama. The night before last, I was watching Channel4 news, Channel4 is known to be a cutting edge, supposedly liberal television station here in England. They had a feature on Obama's old school in Indonesia. It was fascinating. The news reported that apparently 1 in 10 Americans think that Obama is a closet Muslims. I don't know if that statistic can be trusted fully but why would that even be a problem if he was ? We all know he is not but this whole idea that a Muslim is somehow less than pissed me off so much. The way they are roping it into Obama too proves to me that the US need to change their foreign policy. There is no way a nation can even dream of being on the international stage without understanding other countries.

Which is way Obama is so important because he is the first leader who actually is commanding respect for other nations. It is not just a black thing. It is a worldwide thing. Let's have something new; to hell with the Clintons*

*=I know I am not American and I don't live in the US but whoever gets chosen for the presidency will impact on Africans so I just feel like people need to make sure they choose someone who will change how things go domestically and internationally.
Thanks for this post.

Danielle said...

I've always seen Sen. Obama as the "messenger" so to speak. It's bigger than him, HRC, MCCain, etc. It's about this country and what it stands for in the 21st century.

This is our test and if we fail, we get the leadership we deserve. Let's hope that the American people have a clue after 8 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

This is not my first visit to your blog but I really do love the "look" of your page!

This is an interesting image of Obama!!

I think black folks have put too much hope in this man... he's idealistic...he's a people-pleaser...he's a momma's boy... he's acted like he's scared to STOMP all over the Clinton tactics... I think that the OTHER Obama should be the one running for President!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Regina said...

I agree. No matter how things turn out this has been one very memorable election season and things will never be the same...

Invisible Woman said...

@ ohmyword...thanks, that is a HUGE compliment coming from you, as I admire your writing as well. I am glad you are around, and pastys are very welcome too! haha I would like to think there are all type of folks that can appreciate Black Cinema...

@ohmyword and auleia: As far as Obama, I find it interesting that the whole world can see what tons of populations here in the States can't. Why is that? Sad.

It's also sad that in England that are in such cahoots with the racist practices here that they would actually put a huge lie out there about that Obama/Muslim mess, which has already been discounted.

@ danielle: I agree. If HRC or Mccain wins, then we deserve every single thing that happens. That McCain is even being considered speaks volumes about how asleep people are.

Invisible Woman said...

@anonymous...welcome--I don't know what to say about your comment, tho--lol

@regina: there are plenty who are gonna act like they didn't notice tho--they are so deep in denial

aulelia said...

who is the other obama ?

Invisible Woman said...

@aulelia: that's what I wanna know.