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Friday, April 25, 2008

Old School Music Friday

This week's meme is Men With Perms, and mine hasn't been without one in three decades. Sure it's mutated, but it is always fresh pressed to death, even in torrential rain (ie. The Superbowl).

This song is from what I consider a very underrated movie, and an even more underrated soundtrack. Almost every song from this album was a wonder; interestingly written and amazingly arranged. Everyone always focuses on Purple Rain, but this movie project, though a vanity one, was straight genius compared to anything coming out of any music artist today. Here is the Purple One at his zesty move finest, with a horrible hammy ending with Jerome from The Time:

The Evolution Of Prince's Perm

Electronic Village Chatting Over Cocktails Ms Grapevine Quick Cassandra Danielle Lisa C Chocl8t DP Kreative Talk MarvalusOne Regina LaShonda AJ Sharon Dee SJP sHaE-sHae songs in the key of life Hagar's Daughter There...Already


Thembi said...

I was checking back here all day to see what you did with this assignment and you did not dissapoint!

Hagar's Daughter said...

I love me some Prince. He gets steady rotation on my iPod.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

TMZ caught him going into a club last week, now don't judge me but the 1st thing that I thought about was 'damn if that was my man would could share a wardrobe'....

MrsGrapevine said...

This is my favorite prince song next to the beautiful ones and raspberry beret. I knew I should've played it, but I thought I was the only one.

I love this movie too. The only one I don't like is Graffiti Bridge.

In college whenever one of us said something really proper we would say "Record Stowe"

The True Urban Queen said...

I know we are suppose to comment on the music but, lol at those pictures. And his perm has come a long way.

Regina said...

HaHa! I knew that somebody would post His Purple Majesty!!!
I had that first picture on my wall when I was ... ... ...younger!!!
i love Prince and can't wait for that Prince theme!

MsMarvalus said...


He is so sexy with his pretty little self!!!

I vote for a Prince theme too!!!


Vivrant Thang said...

When I went to see him perform live at his club in Vegas, they were playing this movie on screens that ran the length of the floor. *shudders at the memory*

Undercover Black Man said...

Brownmark, we hardly knew ye...

Invisible Woman said...

@thembi: I'm glad I passed your high standards :-) Thanks for checking in on me!

@hd: I always have Prince in rotation, no matter what....

@coloredgirls: don't worry sometimes I think the same thing!

@mgv: I love Raspberry Beret--just genius, and I also hate Grafitti Bridge.

That Record Stowe thing you had is hilarious. :-)

@true urban: it is always whipped, but it does look much better now.

Invisible Woman said...

@Regina: that picture on the wall? Too funny!

@ms m: I know--how can somebody be so zesty and so sexy to women at the same time?

@vivrant: I wish I coulda been there!

@ubm: the most unoriginal Prince and The Revolution name ever. He could have done better with just a little effort, really.

dburt said...

Oh Damn, now you know I am a prince supporter Ms. Invisble but how are you gonna break on the last man in the modern age to do real the perm, we had a man that can play 30 instruments and now we have.....Souljah Boy...truly the end of

Bygbaby said...

"Men With Perms" Oh, I love it!!!


Danielle said...

The One and Only! I remember this film and loved it. It was shot beautifully. I loved the black and white film.

Invisible Woman said...

@dburt: lol! I didn't pick this week's theme so don't shoot the messenger---Prince can do no wrong with me, perm or no :-)

@bygbaby: maybe next time it'll be "men with dreads" ;-)

@danielle: I agree--it is one of the most beautiful looking films I have ever seen---despite it's pretty weak plot.