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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today In B'Days

Unique individual Orlando Jones is 40. Where is he hiding out?

Let's forget about the foolishness that was "Double Take" with Eddie Griffin and look at a scene from a movie that got on my good side, "Drumline". It's one of those films that reinforces your pride to be colored:

speaking of eddie griffin, he's seems to be hiding out too. hmmmmm


The Obenson Report said...

It has been awhile it seems, doesn't it? According to IMDB, he's got a few projects coming up over the next 2 years - one with Lindsay Lohan and Jack Black, of all people.

Danielle said...

Orlando was good in "Drumline" although I can't take that damned Nick Cannon.

Nice to see him.

Urban Thought said...

He was on the Fox TV show "New Amsterdam."

chocl8t said...

I've liked Orlando since those goofy Sprite commercials he did!!

Regina said...

I love Orlando! And man I tell you...this brother was hot in Biker Boys!!

Invisible Woman said...

@obenson: Lindsey? Oh brother. Mortgages need to be paid, I guess

@danielle: I thought Orlando was ok in that too--Nick is alright when he's doing drama...otherwise, NEXT!

@UT: which one, Eddie or Orlando? Shows you how much I know about that show. Was that the one that was cancelled after 2 showings?

@chocl8t: I've always liked Orlando too!

@regina: Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks he can sometimes be hot to death. A looong way from the 1st season of Mad TV, yes?