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Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend B.O.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE (thanks Sergio!)
April 11–13, 2008 Studio Estimates

1) Prom Night SGem $22,700,000

2) Street Kings FoxS $12,000,000

3) 21 Sony $11,000,000 Total: $62,268,000

4) Nim's Island Fox $9,000,000 Total: $25,280,000

5) Leatherheads Uni. $6,207,000 Total: $21,907,000

6) Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! Fox $6,000,000 Total: $139,628,000

7) Smart People Mira. $4,200,000

8) The Ruins P/DW $3,250,000 Total: $13,413,000

9)Superhero Movie MGM/W $3,114,000 Total: $21,202,000

10) Drillbit Taylor Par. $2,070,000 Total: $28,461,000

11) Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns LGF $1,570,000 Total: $40,113,000

12) 10,000 B.C. WB $1,510,000 Total:$91,785,000

From IW: There used to be a time that I would watch a movie all the way through, no matter how bad it was. Then, all of the sudden, I completely lost patience and can barely stand 15 minutes if a movie isn't bringin' it. I pray for a movie that makes me want to watch full length. To wit; I've seen (or kinda seen) some of the movies on this list. I just couldn't see them through to the end, and quite honestly don't know how I made it through as far as I did on some of them. A breakdown:

Street Kings: 55 minutes

The Ruins: 43 minutes

Superhero Movie: 25 minutes

Drillbit Taylor: 68 minutes

Meet The Browns: I actually watched the whole thing, but I believe it was the novelty of seeing Angela Bassett in the lead. If it were anyone else...I dunno.

Mr. Tambay Obenson summed up the crapfest perfectly on his blog:

I've been rather uninterested and uninspired to see most of the studio films that have enjoyed theatrical releases thus far this year!

Week after week, I look over the selection of films scheduled for release each week, and more often than not, nothing listed is of any interest to me. The last movie I recall seeing in 2008 is Cloverfield, which I did enjoy, despite a mild headache that accompanied the somewhat dizzying experience, thanks to the extreme shaky-cam cinematography prevalent throughout much of the film.

I know we've been experiencing the usual winter doldrums, a period when studio releases are often less than stellar; but this year's offerings have been rather dull, at least based on the packaging each has been wrapped in, since I haven't seen most of them. However, after looking at box office receipts since January, one can deduce from the results that there are others who feel the same way, because the numbers have been unimpressive, except for 2 or 3 centi-million dollar hits. Also, the averages per theatre help support my argument. Check out Box Office Mojo for stats and such.

And this week's releases don't do anything to alter the trend... although Zombie Strippers excites me a little.


Opening in Wide Release This Week

The Forbidden Kingdom Jet Li and Jackie Chan team up for the first time as misfit warriors in ancient China on a quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King.

88 Minutes Al Pacino is a forensic psychiatrist in a race against time when he receives a death threat claiming he has only 88 minutes to live.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall After a devastating break-up with his girlfriend, a guy heads to Hawaii to recover... only to run into his ex and her new boyfriend.

Opening in Selected Theaters

The Life Before Her Eyes Uma Thurman is a housewife who questions her perfect life--and her sanity--on the anniversary of a tragic high school shooting.

Pathology A group of medical students devise a deadly scheme to see which one of them can commit the perfect, unsolvable murder.

Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? Director Morgan Spurlock sets off to do what the CIA, FBI and countless bounty hunters have failed to do: find Osama bin Laden.

Zombie Strippers A secret government chemo-virus gets released into a small-town underground strip club... unleashing Super Zombie Strippers.

From IW: Come to think of it, the last new release I really enjoyed was probably Cloverfield too. I'm actually looking forward to some of the new films Tambay spoke about....even Zombie Strippers is better than Superhero Movie!


Regina said...

I don't know when I last wanted to see a movie bad enough that I went to the theater opening weekend. I usually wait until they hit the dollar movie or until they come out on DVD and then I buy it at walmart!
I think I went to see the Passion of Christ on opening weekend and that was it!

Darkbrotha said...

i went to see 21. i wasn't in awe of it, but i like Spacey so i went along for the ride. i wanted to see Street Kings, but the idea of having to put up with Keanu Reeves keeps me away.

LaJane Galt said...

Pathology. A group of medical students devise a deadly scheme to see which one of them can commit the perfect, unsolvable murder.

THIS is what we're calling a plot? Shit, shoot him in the head, dump the body behind a dumpster in the hood, throw the gun in the river and keep on steppin'!

I'm like you IW, I'll put that movie back in the envelope in a heartbeat if it doesn't get me. I remember sitting -in pain- through Insomnia. Never again.

The Obenson Report said...

Wow! You actually sat through an hour of Drillbit Taylor?? That's hardcore... you should get a medal for that feat :o)

I hope these were all free screenings!

Danielle said...

Meh! It's awful not feeling excited about films.

Bygbaby said...

There have been a string of janky ass movies out lately & I have not been in a while. Looking forward to the Martial arts flick this weekend. OTher than that, I am keeping my cash in my pocket!


Invisible Woman said...

@regina: dang you are more hardcore than even me, lol! Where do they have dollar movies? And what does a place look like that shows them?

@darkbrotha: someone would have to turn on my TV, put the DVD in, and press play for me to see that one. There will be no effort on my behalf...haha :-)

@lajane: which version of Insomnia are you talking about--the US or foreign version?

@obenson: believe it or not, I didn't think it was so bad...that's why I made it in so far. But I was easily distracted by other things going on around me...

@danielle: as you can see, I'm not thrilled with the current crop. I do want to see Al Pacino's new one, tho

@bygbaby: you're on your own with that flick, bro, lol! I look forward to reading your review of it on your blog, tho

patrick said...

Morgan Spurlock never ceases to impress me… i just saw Super Size Me, which as amazingly insightful, and now he's making a documentary that investigates the war on terrorism? well done indeed

Invisible Woman said...

@patrick: I LOVE Morgan--he is real. You know he is gonna make Bush look even more full of it.

Invisible Woman said...

btw, very interesting blog you have there...

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